Viewing Public ChIP-Seq data in a Genome Browser

URLs of server-resident WIG files

This page contains a list of URLs for viewing public ChIP-Seq data as custom tracks within the UCSC genome browser context. The data are provided in the UCSC bigWIG format. ChIP-Seq tags are centered by 70bp for nucleosome-related experiments or for STAT1, and by 40bp for CTCF and PolII. Alla data from Mikkelsen et al. have been centered by 100bp. Counts are averaged in window of different sizes. Data span across the whole genome. The URLs in the list below can be directly pasted into the UCSC text box in the Custom Track management page.

Data for human genome assembly 36.2 (March 2006)

  • Barski et al. 2007:

    High resolution files (50 bp):
          (10 bp):
    Medium resolution files (500 bp):
  • Robertson et al. 2007:

    High resolution files (50 bp):

Data for mouse genome assembly 37.1 (July 2007)

  • Mikkelsen et al. 2007:

    Medium resolution files (500 bp):

Last update October 2016