Steiner 2014, Map of centromeric histone (cenH3) in wild type and mutant embryos.


Maps of centromeric H3 nucleosome (cenH3) in wild type (WT) and mutant (knl-2) embryos. A detail description of samples nomenclature can be found further down this page. Samples are MNase treated.



From C. elegans (May 2008 WS190/ce6).

ChIP-seq data:

Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 GSM1089265_WT_CenH3_1min_20110706_5.sga WT|CenH3|1min CenH3 GSM1089265
2 GSM1089266_WT_CenH3_2min_rep1_20110706_6.sga WT|CenH3|2min|rep1 CenH3 GSM1089266
3 GSM1089267_WT_CenH3_2min_rep2_20111011_3.sga WT|CenH3|2min|rep2 CenH3 GSM1089267
4 GSM1089268_WT_CenH3_5min_20110706_7.sga WT|CenH3|5min CenH3 GSM1089268
5 GSM1089264_WT_CenH3_10min_20110706_8.sga WT|CenH3|10min CenH3 GSM1089264
6 GSM1089269_WT_HCP4_FCL_20120817_3_4.sga WT|HCP-4|FCL HCP4 GSM1089269
7 GSM1089271_WT_input_1min_20110706_1.sga WT|input|1min input GSM1089271
8 GSM1089272_WT_input_2min_rep1_20110706_2.sga WT|input|2min|rep1 input GSM1089272
9 GSM1089273_WT_input_2min_rep2_20111011_1.sga WT|input|2min|rep2 input GSM1089273
10 GSM1089274_WT_input_5min_20110706_3.sga WT|input|5min input GSM1089274
11 GSM1089270_WT_input_10min_20110706_4.sga WT|input|10min input GSM1089270
12 GSM1089275_WT_input_FCL_20120817_3_12.sga WT|input|FCL|rep1 input GSM1089275
13 GSM1320329_WT_input_FCL_rep2.sga WT|input|FCL|rep2 input GSM1320329
14 GSM1089277_WT_pellet_2min_20111011_2.sga WT|pellet|2min pellet GSM1089277
15 GSM1089276_WT_pellet_10min_20110914_7.sga WT|pellet|10min pellet GSM1089276
16 GSM1089278_knl2_CenH3_20120223_3.sga knl2|CenH3 CenH3 GSM1089278
17 GSM1089279_knl2_input_20120223_2.sga knl2|input input GSM1089279
18 GSM1089280_knl2_pellet_20120223_8.sga knl2|pellet pellet GSM1089280
19 GSM1320328_WT_HLH1_FCL.sga WT|HLH-1|FCL HLH1 GSM1320328

Notes on samples nomenclature:

Technical Notes

Provided BED files, mapped on ce10, were lifted over to ce6 using liftOver (from UCSC Genome Browser Utilities). SGA conversion was carried out using (ChIP-Seq v. 1.5.2).


Last update: 1 Oct 2018