Chen 2013, A global change in RNA Polymerase II pausing during the Drosophila midblastula transition.


Pol-II, TATA-Binding Protein (TBP), histone marks and nucleosomes (MNase) in several embryos stages.



From D. melanogaster (Apr 2006 BDGP R5/dm3).

ChIP-seq data:

Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 GSM1022889_06to08h_k27_1.sga 06to08h|H3K27me3|rep1 k27 GSM1022889
2 GSM1022905_preMBT_k4_1.sga preMBT|H3K4me3|rep1 k4 GSM1022905
3 GSM1022906_preMBT_k4_2.sga preMBT|H3K4me3|rep2 k4 GSM1022906
4 GSM1022907_preMBT_pol_1.sga preMBT|pol-II|rep1 pol GSM1022907
5 GSM1022908_preMBT_pol_2.sga preMBT|pol-II|rep2 pol GSM1022908
6 GSM1022909_preMBT_pol_3.sga preMBT|pol-II|rep3 pol GSM1022909
7 GSM1022910_preMBT_pol_4.sga preMBT|pol-II|rep4 pol GSM1022910
8 GSM1022911_preMBT_tbp_1.sga preMBT|TBP|rep1 tbp GSM1022911
9 GSM1022912_preMBT_tbp_2.sga preMBT|TBP|rep2 tbp GSM1022912
10 GSM1022890_MBT_h3ac_1.sga MBT|H3ac|rep1 h3ac GSM1022890
11 GSM1022891_MBT_h3ac_2.sga MBT|H3ac|rep2 h3ac GSM1022891
12 GSM1022892_MBT_k27_1.sga MBT|H3K27me3|rep1 k27 GSM1022892
13 GSM1022893_MBT_k4_1.sga MBT|H3K4me3|rep1 k4 GSM1022893
14 GSM1022894_MBT_k4_2.sga MBT|H3K4me3|rep2 k4 GSM1022894
15 GSM1022895_MBT_pol_1.sga MBT|pol-II|rep1 pol GSM1022895
16 GSM1022896_MBT_pol_2.sga MBT|pol-II|rep2 pol GSM1022896
17 GSM1022897_MBT_pol_3.sga MBT|pol-II|rep3 pol GSM1022897
18 GSM1022898_MBT_tbp_1.sga MBT|TBP|rep1 tbp GSM1022898
19 GSM1022899_MBT_tbp_2.sga MBT|TBP|rep2 tbp GSM1022899
20 GSM1022901_postMBT_k27_1.sga postMBT|H3K27me3|rep1 k27 GSM1022901
21 GSM1022902_postMBT_pol_1.sga postMBT|pol-II|rep1 pol GSM1022902
22 GSM1022903_postMBT_tbp_1.sga postMBT|TBP|rep1 tbp GSM1022903
23 GSM1022913_preMBT_wce_1.sga preMBT|Input|rep1 wce GSM1022913
24 GSM1022900_MBT_wce_1.sga MBT|Input|rep1 wce GSM1022900
25 GSM1022904_postMBT_wce_1.sga postMBT|Input|rep1 wce GSM1022904

DNase FAIRE data:

Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 GSM1022624_MBT_mnase_1.sga MBT|MNase|rep1 mnase GSM1022624

Technical Notes

BED files were downloaded from GEO and converted in SGA file format using ChIP-Seq.


Last update: 1 Oct 2018