Weber 2014, Nucleosomes, H2A.Z and RNA in S2-DRSC knockdown cells. LiftOver from dm3.


Nucleosomes, H2A.Z maps in S2-DRSC with two knockdown genes (H2Av and YL1). PolII map at nucleotide resolution is done using a novel technique (3NT, mapping of the 3' end of nascent transcripts).



From D. melanogaster (Aug 2014 BDGP Rel6 + ISO1 MT/dm6).

ChIP-seq data:

Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 GSM1193874.sga S2-DRSC|H2AvPD|GFP-RNAi H2AvPD GSM1193874
2 GSM1193878.sga S2-DRSC|H2AvPD|H2Av-RNAi H2AvPD GSM1193878
3 GSM1193882.sga S2-DRSC|H2AvPD|YL1-RNAi H2AvPD GSM1193882

DNase FAIRE data:

Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 GSM1193876.sga S2-DRSC|Nucleosomes|GFP-RNAi MNase GSM1193876
2 GSM1193880.sga S2-DRSC|Nucleosomes|H2Av-RNAi MNase GSM1193880
3 GSM1193875.sga S2-DRSC|Input|GFP-RNAi IN GSM1193875
4 GSM1193879.sga S2-DRSC|Input|H2Av-RNAi IN GSM1193879
5 GSM1193883.sga S2-DRSC|Input|YL1-RNAi IN GSM1193883

Transcription Profiling data:

Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 GSM1193873.sga S2-DRSC|3NT|GFP-RNAi 3NT GSM1193873
2 GSM1193877.sga S2-DRSC|3NT|H2Av-RNAi 3NT GSM1193877
3 GSM1319858.sga S2-DRSC|3NT|TFIIS-RNAi 3NT GSM1319858
4 GSM1193881.sga S2-DRSC|3NT|YL1-RNAi 3NT GSM1193881

Notes on samples nomenclature:

Technical Notes

This dataset was lifted over from dm3.


Last update: 1 Oct 2018