Daphnia pulex gene annotations.


Gene annotation files for Daphnia pulex strain PA42.



From D. pulex (Sep 2019 PA42 4.1/dpu2).

Genome Annotation:

Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 Daphnia_gene_start_sites.sga Daphnia|gene starts GSS -
2 Daphnia_gene_end_sites.sga Daphnia|gene ends GES -
3 Daphnia_trx_start_sites.sga daphnia|transcript starts TSS -
4 Daphnia_trx_end_sites.sga Daphnia|transcript ends TES -

Notes on samples nomenclature:

Technical Notes

The source gene annotation file in GFF3 format was converted into UCSC gene prediction format using the UCSC utility /gff3ToGenePred. Gene Features were extracted and converted into SGA format using custom scripts, see: https://epd.expasy.org/mga/dpu2/ye17/scripts/README. SGA files were converted into FPS format using sga2fps.pl (ChIP-Seq v. 1.5.5.


Last update: 19 Apr 2021