ENSEMBL91, gene feature annotations


Gene starts and ends, CDS starts and ends, splice-junctions grouped by coding status and phase of reading frame. The source file was downloaded from the UCSC genome browser.



From G. gallus (Dec 2015 Gallus_gallus-5.0/galGal5).

Genome Annotation:

Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 galGal5_ENSEMBL91_TSS.sga Transcript (cDNA) starts TSS -
2 galGal5_ENSEMBL91_TSS_all.sga Gene starts (all) TSS -
3 galGal5_ENSEMBL91_TES.sga Gene ends TES -
4 galGal5_ENSEMBL91_AUG.sga CDS starts AUG -
5 galGal5_ENSEMBL91_Stop.sga CDS ends Stop -
6 galGal5_ENSEMBL91_5INTnc.sga Splice donor nc 5INTnc -
7 galGal5_ENSEMBL91_5INT0.sga Splice donor phase-0 5INT0 -
8 galGal5_ENSEMBL91_5INT1.sga Spline donor phase-1 5INT1 -
9 galGal5_ENSEMBL91_5INT2.sga Splice donor phase-2 5INT2 -
10 galGal5_ENSEMBL91_3INTnc.sga Splice acceptor nc 3INTnc -
11 galGal5_ENSEMBL91_3INT0.sga Splice acceptor phase-0 3INT0 -
12 galGal5_ENSEMBL91_3INT1.sga Splice acceptor phase-1 3INT1 -
13 galGal5_ENSEMBL91_3INT2.sga Splice acceptor phase-2 3INT2 -

Notes on samples nomenclature:

Transcript (cDNA) starts: includes all ENSEMBL transcript entry starts except those which coincide with the corresponding CDS start annotation

Gene starts (all): includes all ENSEMBL transcript entry starts including those which coincide with the corresponding CDS start annotation

Merged samples:


Technical Notes

The source data table downloaded from UCSC with the aid of the table browser, includes the following fields: Input filtering criteria: SGA files were generated with custom Perl scripts available from ( https://epd.expasy.org/ftp/mga/galGal5/ensembl91/scripts/ and format conversion utilities from (ChIP-Seq version 1.5.3).


Last update: 1 Oct 2018