Cui 2009, Chromatin Signatures in primary hematopoietic stem cells


ChIP-seq against 8 histone methylations, histone variant H2AZ, and RNA Polymerase II (Pol II) in both human CD133+ and CD36+ cells (20 samples in total). Chromatin digested with micrococcal nuclease(MNase).



From H. sapiens (March 2006 NCBI36/hg18).

ChIP-seq data:

Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 GSM317582_CD133-H2AZ.sga CD133 HSCs/HPCs|H2AZ|MNase H2AZ GSM317582
2 GSM317583_CD133-H3K27me1.sga CD133 HSCs/HPCs|H3K27me1|MNase H3K27me1 GSM317583
3 GSM317584_CD133-H3K27me3.sga CD133 HSCs/HPCs|H3K27me3|MNase H3K27me3 GSM317584
4 GSM317585_CD133-H3K36me3.sga CD133 HSCs/HPCs|H3K36me3|MNase H3K36me3 GSM317585
5 GSM317586_CD133-H3K4me1.sga CD133 HSCs/HPCs|H3K4me1|MNase H3K4me1 GSM317586
6 GSM317587_CD133-H3K4me3.sga CD133 HSCs/HPCs|H3K4me3|MNase H3K4me3 GSM317587
7 GSM317588_CD133-H3K9me1.sga CD133 HSCs/HPCs|H3K9me1|MNase H3K9me1 GSM317588
8 GSM317589_CD133-H3K9me3.sga CD133 HSCs/HPCs|H3K9me3|MNase H3K9me3 GSM317589
9 GSM317590_CD133-H4K20me1.sga CD133 HSCs/HPCs|H4K20me1|MNase H4K20me1 GSM317590
10 GSM317591_CD133-PolII.sga CD133 HSCs/HPCs|PolII PolII GSM317591
11 GSM317592_CD36-H2AZ.sga CD36 HSCs/HPCs|H2AZ|MNase H2AZ GSM317592
12 GSM317593_CD36-H3K27me1.sga CD36 HSCs/HPCs|H3K27me1|MNase H3K27me1 GSM317593
13 GSM317594_CD36-H3K27me3.sga CD36 HSCs/HPCs|H3K27me3|MNase H3K27me3 GSM317594
14 GSM317595_CD36-H3K36me3.sga CD36 HSCs/HPCs|H3K36me3|MNase H3K36me3 GSM317595
15 GSM317596_CD36-H3K4me1.sga CD36 HSCs/HPCs|H3K4me1|MNase H3K4me1 GSM317596
16 GSM317597_CD36-H3K4me3.sga CD36 HSCs/HPCs|H3K4me3|MNase H3K4me3 GSM317597
17 GSM317598_CD36-H3K9me1.sga CD36 HSCs/HPCs|H3K9me1|MNase H3K9me1 GSM317598
18 GSM317599_CD36-H3K9me3.sga CD36 HSCs/HPCs|H3K9me3|MNase H3K9me3 GSM317599
19 GSM317600_CD36-H4K20me1.sga CD36 HSCs/HPCs|H4K20me1|MNase H4K20me1 GSM317600
20 GSM317601_CD36-PolII.sga CD36 HSCs/HPCs|PolII PolII GSM317601

Technical Notes

SGA conversion was carried out using (ChIP-seq).


Last update: 1 Oct 2018