GSE32465, Transcription Factor Binding Sites by ChIP-seq


The ChIP-Seq method was used to assay chromatin fragments bound by specific or general transcription factors as described below. DNA isolated by ChIP-Seq was size-selected (~225 bp) and sequenced. Short reads of 25-36 bp were mapped to the human reference genome, and enriched regions of high read density relative to a total input chromatin control reads were identified.
The sequence reads with quality scores (fastq files) and alignment coordinates (BAM files) from these experiments are available for download.

For data usage terms and conditions, please refer to and


Files downloaded from: UCSC
Input file format: BAM


From H. sapiens (March 2006 NCBI36/hg18).

Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 GSM803453-A549-CTCF-DEX_100nM.sga A549 DEX_100nM CTCF CTCF GSM803453
2 GSM803456-A549-CTCF-EtOH_0.02pct.sga A549 EtOH_0.02pct CTCF CTCF GSM803456
3 GSM803357-A549-GR-DEX_500pM.sga A549 DEX_500pM GR GR GSM803357
4 GSM803358-A549-GR-DEX_50nM.sga A549 DEX_50nM GR GR GSM803358
5 GSM803359-A549-GR-DEX_5nM.sga A549 DEX_5nM GR GR GSM803359
6 GSM803371-A549-GR-DEX_100nM.sga A549 DEX_100nM GR GR GSM803371
7 GSM803373-A549-GR-EtOH_0.02pct.sga A549 EtOH_0.02pct GR GR GSM803373
8 GSM803395-A549-GR-EtOH_0.02pct.sga A549 EtOH_0.02pct GR GR GSM803395
9 GSM803360-A549-Pol2-EtOH_0.02pct.sga A549 EtOH_0.02pct Pol2 Pol2 GSM803360
10 GSM803361-A549-Pol2-DEX_100nM.sga A549 DEX_100nM Pol2 Pol2 GSM803361
11 GSM803412-A549-RevXlinkChromatin-EtOH_0.02pct.sga A549 EtOH_0.02pct RevXlinkChromatin RevXlinkChromatin GSM803412
12 GSM803417-A549-RevXlinkChromatin-DEX_100nM.sga A549 DEX_100nM RevXlinkChromatin RevXlinkChromatin GSM803417
13 GSM803435-A549-RevXlinkChromatin-EtOH_0.02pct.sga A549 EtOH_0.02pct RevXlinkChromatin RevXlinkChromatin GSM803435
14 GSM803465-A549-RevXlinkChromatin-DEX_100nM.sga A549 DEX_100nM RevXlinkChromatin RevXlinkChromatin GSM803465
15 GSM803429-A549-USF-1-EtOH_0.02pct.sga A549 EtOH_0.02pct USF-1 USF-1 GSM803429
16 GSM803457-A549-USF-1-DEX_100nM.sga A549 DEX_100nM USF-1 USF-1 GSM803457
17 GSM803421-ECC-1-ERalpha-DMSO_0.02pct.sga ECC-1 DMSO_0.02pct ERalpha ERalpha GSM803421
18 GSM803422-ECC-1-ERalpha-Estradiol_10nM.sga ECC-1 Estradiol_10nM ERalpha ERalpha GSM803422
19 GSM803541-ECC-1-ERalpha-Genistein_100nM.sga ECC-1 Genistein_100nM ERalpha ERalpha GSM803541
20 GSM803444-ECC-1-FOXA1-DMSO_0.02pct.sga ECC-1 DMSO_0.02pct FOXA1 FOXA1 GSM803444
21 GSM803340-ECC-1-GR-DEX_100nM.sga ECC-1 DEX_100nM GR GR GSM803340
22 GSM803464-ECC-1-GR-EtOH_0.02pct.sga ECC-1 EtOH_0.02pct GR GR GSM803464
23 GSM803536-ECC-1-Pol2-DMSO_0.02pct.sga ECC-1 DMSO_0.02pct Pol2 Pol2 GSM803536
24 GSM803445-ECC-1-RevXlinkChromatin-DMSO_0.02pct.sga ECC-1 DMSO_0.02pct RevXlinkChromatin RevXlinkChromatin GSM803445
25 GSM803508-GM12878-ATF3-None.sga GM12878 None ATF3 ATF3 GSM803508
26 GSM803538-GM12878-BATF-None.sga GM12878 None BATF BATF GSM803538
27 GSM803388-GM12878-BCL11A-None.sga GM12878 None BCL11A BCL11A GSM803388
28 GSM803342-GM12878-BCL3-None.sga GM12878 None BCL3 BCL3 GSM803342
29 GSM803509-GM12878-BCLAF1-None.sga GM12878 None BCLAF1 BCLAF1 GSM803509
30 GSM803386-GM12878-EBF1-None.sga GM12878 None EBF1 EBF1 GSM803386
31 GSM803496-GM12878-ELF1-None.sga GM12878 None ELF1 ELF1 GSM803496
32 GSM803510-GM12878-ETS1-None.sga GM12878 None ETS1 ETS1 GSM803510
33 GSM803434-GM12878-Egr-1-None.sga GM12878 None Egr-1 Egr-1 GSM803434
34 GSM803356-GM12878-GABP-None.sga GM12878 None GABP GABP GSM803356
35 GSM803390-GM12878-IRF4-None.sga GM12878 None IRF4 IRF4 GSM803390
36 GSM803511-GM12878-MEF2A-None.sga GM12878 None MEF2A MEF2A GSM803511
37 GSM803420-GM12878-MEF2C-None.sga GM12878 None MEF2C MEF2C GSM803420
38 GSM803349-GM12878-NRSF-None.sga GM12878 None NRSF NRSF GSM803349
39 GSM803391-GM12878-PAX5-C20-None.sga GM12878 None PAX5-C20 PAX5-C20 GSM803391
40 GSM803362-GM12878-PAX5-N19-None.sga GM12878 None PAX5-N19 PAX5-N19 GSM803362
41 GSM803534-GM12878-POU2F2-None.sga GM12878 None POU2F2 POU2F2 GSM803534
42 GSM803531-GM12878-PU.1-None.sga GM12878 None PU.1 PU.1 GSM803531
43 GSM803532-GM12878-Pbx3-None.sga GM12878 None Pbx3 Pbx3 GSM803532
44 GSM803355-GM12878-Pol2-None.sga GM12878 None Pol2 Pol2 GSM803355
45 GSM803485-GM12878-Pol2-4H8-None.sga GM12878 None Pol2-4H8 Pol2-4H8 GSM803485
46 GSM803341-GM12878-RXRA-None.sga GM12878 None RXRA RXRA GSM803341
47 GSM803416-GM12878-Rad21-None.sga GM12878 None Rad21 Rad21 GSM803416
48 GSM803346-GM12878-RevXlinkChromatin-None.sga GM12878 None RevXlinkChromatin rep1 RevXlinkChromatin GSM803346
49 GSM803351-GM12878-RevXlinkChromatin-None.sga GM12878 None RevXlinkChromatin rep2 RevXlinkChromatin GSM803351
50 GSM803413-GM12878-RevXlinkChromatin-None.sga GM12878 None RevXlinkChromatin rep3 RevXlinkChromatin GSM803413
51 GSM803436-GM12878-RevXlinkChromatin-None.sga GM12878 None RevXlinkChromatin rep4 RevXlinkChromatin GSM803436
52 GSM803338-GM12878-SIX5-None.sga GM12878 None SIX5 SIX5 GSM803338
53 GSM803363-GM12878-SP1-None.sga GM12878 None SP1 SP1 GSM803363
54 GSM803350-GM12878-SRF-None.sga GM12878 None SRF rep1 SRF GSM803350
55 GSM803477-GM12878-SRF-None.sga GM12878 None SRF rep2 SRF GSM803477
56 GSM803537-GM12878-TAF1-None.sga GM12878 None TAF1 TAF1 GSM803537
57 GSM803389-GM12878-TCF12-None.sga GM12878 None TCF12 TCF12 GSM803389
58 GSM803347-GM12878-USF-1-None.sga GM12878 None USF-1 USF-1 GSM803347
59 GSM803406-GM12878-YY1-None.sga GM12878 None YY1 YY1 GSM803406
60 GSM803392-GM12878-ZBTB33-None.sga GM12878 None ZBTB33 ZBTB33 GSM803392
61 GSM803411-GM12878-ZEB1-None.sga GM12878 None ZEB1 ZEB1 GSM803411
62 GSM803387-GM12878-p300-None.sga GM12878 None p300 p300 GSM803387
63 GSM803337-GM12891-PAX5-C20-None.sga GM12891 None PAX5-C20 PAX5-C20 GSM803337
64 GSM803397-GM12891-POU2F2-None.sga GM12891 None POU2F2 POU2F2 GSM803397
65 GSM803398-GM12891-PU.1-None.sga GM12891 None PU.1 PU.1 GSM803398
66 GSM803399-GM12891-Pol2-None.sga GM12891 None Pol2 Pol2 GSM803399
67 GSM803400-GM12891-Pol2-4H8-None.sga GM12891 None Pol2-4H8 Pol2-4H8 GSM803400
68 GSM803467-GM12891-RevXlinkChromatin-None.sga GM12891 None RevXlinkChromatin rep1 RevXlinkChromatin GSM803467
69 GSM803481-GM12891-RevXlinkChromatin-None.sga GM12891 None RevXlinkChromatin rep2 RevXlinkChromatin GSM803481
70 GSM803393-GM12891-TAF1-None.sga GM12891 None TAF1 TAF1 GSM803393
71 GSM803535-GM12891-YY1-None.sga GM12891 None YY1 YY1 GSM803535
72 GSM803334-GM12892-PAX5-C20-None.sga GM12892 None PAX5-C20 PAX5-C20 GSM803334
73 GSM803487-GM12892-Pol2-None.sga GM12892 None Pol2 Pol2 GSM803487
74 GSM803490-GM12892-Pol2-4H8-None.sga GM12892 None Pol2-4H8 Pol2-4H8 GSM803490
75 GSM803482-GM12892-RevXlinkChromatin-None.sga GM12892 None RevXlinkChromatin rep1 RevXlinkChromatin GSM803482
76 GSM803488-GM12892-RevXlinkChromatin-None.sga GM12892 None RevXlinkChromatin rep2 RevXlinkChromatin GSM803488
77 GSM803489-GM12892-TAF1-None.sga GM12892 None TAF1 TAF1 GSM803489
78 GSM803516-GM12892-YY1-None.sga GM12892 None YY1 YY1 GSM803516
79 GSM803512-H1-hESC-ATF3-None.sga H1-hESC None ATF3 ATF3 GSM803512
80 GSM803396-H1-hESC-BCL11A-None.sga H1-hESC None BCL11A rep1 BCL11A GSM803396
81 GSM803476-H1-hESC-BCL11A-None.sga H1-hESC None BCL11A rep2 BCL11A GSM803476
82 GSM803419-H1-hESC-CTCF-None.sga H1-hESC None CTCF CTCF GSM803419
83 GSM803430-H1-hESC-Egr-1-None.sga H1-hESC None Egr-1 Egr-1 GSM803430
84 GSM803382-H1-hESC-FOSL1-None.sga H1-hESC None FOSL1 FOSL1 GSM803382
85 GSM803424-H1-hESC-GABP-None.sga H1-hESC None GABP GABP GSM803424
86 GSM803345-H1-hESC-HDAC2-None.sga H1-hESC None HDAC2 HDAC2 GSM803345
87 GSM803529-H1-hESC-JunD-None.sga H1-hESC None JunD JunD GSM803529
88 GSM803437-H1-hESC-NANOG-None.sga H1-hESC None NANOG NANOG GSM803437
89 GSM803365-H1-hESC-NRSF-None.sga H1-hESC None NRSF NRSF GSM803365
90 GSM803438-H1-hESC-POU5F1-None.sga H1-hESC None POU5F1 POU5F1 GSM803438
91 GSM803366-H1-hESC-Pol2-None.sga H1-hESC None Pol2 Pol2 GSM803366
92 GSM803484-H1-hESC-Pol2-4H8-None.sga H1-hESC None Pol2-4H8 Pol2-4H8 GSM803484
93 GSM803506-H1-hESC-RXRA-None.sga H1-hESC None RXRA RXRA GSM803506
94 GSM803466-H1-hESC-Rad21-None.sga H1-hESC None Rad21 Rad21 GSM803466
95 GSM803339-H1-hESC-RevXlinkChromatin-None.sga H1-hESC None RevXlinkChromatin rep1 RevXlinkChromatin GSM803339
96 GSM803364-H1-hESC-RevXlinkChromatin-None.sga H1-hESC None RevXlinkChromatin rep2 RevXlinkChromatin GSM803364
97 GSM803405-H1-hESC-SIX5-None.sga H1-hESC None SIX5 SIX5 GSM803405
98 GSM803377-H1-hESC-SP1-None.sga H1-hESC None SP1 SP1 GSM803377
99 GSM803425-H1-hESC-SRF-None.sga H1-hESC None SRF SRF GSM803425
100 GSM803428-H1-hESC-Sin3Ak-20-None.sga H1-hESC None Sin3Ak-20 Sin3Ak-20 GSM803428
101 GSM803450-H1-hESC-TAF1-None.sga H1-hESC None TAF1 TAF1 GSM803450
102 GSM803501-H1-hESC-TAF7-None.sga H1-hESC None TAF7 TAF7 GSM803501
103 GSM803427-H1-hESC-TCF12-None.sga H1-hESC None TCF12 TCF12 GSM803427
104 GSM803426-H1-hESC-USF-1-None.sga H1-hESC None USF-1 USF-1 GSM803426
105 GSM803513-H1-hESC-YY1-None.sga H1-hESC None YY1 YY1 GSM803513
106 GSM803542-H1-hESC-p300-None.sga H1-hESC None p300 p300 GSM803542
107 GSM803474-HCT-116-Pol2-4H8-None.sga HCT-116 None Pol2-4H8 Pol2-4H8 GSM803474
108 GSM803475-HCT-116-RevXlinkChromatin-None.sga HCT-116 None RevXlinkChromatin RevXlinkChromatin GSM803475
109 GSM803354-HCT-116-YY1-None.sga HCT-116 None YY1 YY1 GSM803354
110 GSM803458-HCT-116-ZBTB33-None.sga HCT-116 None ZBTB33 ZBTB33 GSM803458
111 GSM803454-HeLa-S3-GABP-None.sga HeLa-S3 None GABP GABP GSM803454
112 GSM803478-HeLa-S3-NRSF-None.sga HeLa-S3 None NRSF NRSF GSM803478
113 GSM803533-HeLa-S3-Pol2-None.sga HeLa-S3 None Pol2 Pol2 GSM803533
114 GSM803479-HeLa-S3-RevXlinkChromatin-None.sga HeLa-S3 None RevXlinkChromatin RevXlinkChromatin GSM803479
115 GSM803455-HeLa-S3-TAF1-None.sga HeLa-S3 None TAF1 TAF1 GSM803455
116 GSM803503-HepG2-ATF3-None.sga HepG2 None ATF3 ATF3 GSM803503
117 GSM803483-HepG2-BHLHE40-None.sga HepG2 None BHLHE40 BHLHE40 GSM803483
118 GSM803486-HepG2-CTCF-None.sga HepG2 None CTCF CTCF GSM803486
119 GSM803415-HepG2-ELF1-None.sga HepG2 None ELF1 ELF1 GSM803415
120 GSM803451-HepG2-FOSL2-None.sga HepG2 None FOSL2 FOSL2 GSM803451
121 GSM803432-HepG2-FOXA1-None.sga HepG2 None FOXA1 rep1 FOXA1 GSM803432
122 GSM803461-HepG2-FOXA1-None.sga HepG2 None FOXA1 rep2 FOXA1 GSM803461
123 GSM803403-HepG2-FOXA2-None.sga HepG2 None FOXA2 FOXA2 GSM803403
124 GSM803343-HepG2-GABP-None.sga HepG2 None GABP GABP GSM803343
125 GSM803493-HepG2-HDAC2-None.sga HepG2 None HDAC2 HDAC2 GSM803493
126 GSM803460-HepG2-HNF4A-None.sga HepG2 None HNF4A HNF4A GSM803460
127 GSM803404-HepG2-HNF4G-None.sga HepG2 None HNF4G HNF4G GSM803404
128 GSM803500-HepG2-JunD-None.sga HepG2 None JunD JunD GSM803500
129 GSM803344-HepG2-NRSF-None.sga HepG2 None NRSF NRSF GSM803344
130 GSM803368-HepG2-Pol2-None.sga HepG2 None Pol2 Pol2 GSM803368
131 GSM803452-HepG2-RXRA-None.sga HepG2 None RXRA RXRA GSM803452
132 GSM803517-HepG2-Rad21-None.sga HepG2 None Rad21 Rad21 GSM803517
133 GSM803462-HepG2-RevXlinkChromatin-None.sga HepG2 None RevXlinkChromatin rep1 RevXlinkChromatin GSM803462
134 GSM803463-HepG2-RevXlinkChromatin-None.sga HepG2 None RevXlinkChromatin rep2 RevXlinkChromatin GSM803463
135 GSM803521-HepG2-RevXlinkChromatin-None.sga HepG2 None RevXlinkChromatin rep3 RevXlinkChromatin GSM803521
136 GSM803507-HepG2-SP1-None.sga HepG2 None SP1 SP1 GSM803507
137 GSM803502-HepG2-SRF-None.sga HepG2 None SRF SRF GSM803502
138 GSM803530-HepG2-Sin3Ak-20-None.sga HepG2 None Sin3Ak-20 Sin3Ak-20 GSM803530
139 GSM803367-HepG2-TAF1-None.sga HepG2 None TAF1 TAF1 GSM803367
140 GSM803336-HepG2-TCF12-None.sga HepG2 None TCF12 TCF12 GSM803336
141 GSM803527-HepG2-USF-1-None.sga HepG2 None USF-1 USF-1 GSM803527
142 GSM803381-HepG2-YY1-None.sga HepG2 None YY1 YY1 GSM803381
143 GSM803418-HepG2-ZBTB33-None.sga HepG2 None ZBTB33 rep1 ZBTB33 GSM803418
144 GSM803449-HepG2-ZBTB33-None.sga HepG2 None ZBTB33 rep2 ZBTB33 GSM803449
145 GSM803499-HepG2-p300-None.sga HepG2 None p300 p300 GSM803499
146 GSM803380-K562-ATF3-None.sga K562 None ATF3 ATF3 GSM803380
147 GSM803515-K562-BCLAF1-None.sga K562 None BCLAF1 BCLAF1 GSM803515
148 GSM803401-K562-CTCFL-None.sga K562 None CTCFL CTCFL GSM803401
149 GSM803469-K562-E2F6-None.sga K562 None E2F6 E2F6 GSM803469
150 GSM803494-K562-ELF1-None.sga K562 None ELF1 ELF1 GSM803494
151 GSM803442-K562-ETS1-None.sga K562 None ETS1 ETS1 GSM803442
152 GSM803414-K562-Egr-1-None.sga K562 None Egr-1 Egr-1 GSM803414
153 GSM803439-K562-FOSL1-None.sga K562 None FOSL1 FOSL1 GSM803439
154 GSM803524-K562-GABP-None.sga K562 None GABP GABP GSM803524
155 GSM803540-K562-GATA2-None.sga K562 None GATA2 GATA2 GSM803540
156 GSM803471-K562-HDAC2-None.sga K562 None HDAC2 HDAC2 GSM803471
157 GSM803379-K562-MEF2A-None.sga K562 None MEF2A MEF2A GSM803379
158 GSM803523-K562-Max-None.sga K562 None Max Max GSM803523
159 GSM803440-K562-NRSF-None.sga K562 None NRSF NRSF GSM803440
160 GSM803384-K562-PU.1-None.sga K562 None PU.1 PU.1 GSM803384
161 GSM803410-K562-Pol2-None.sga K562 None Pol2 Pol2 GSM803410
162 GSM803443-K562-Pol2-4H8-None.sga K562 None Pol2-4H8 Pol2-4H8 GSM803443
163 GSM803447-K562-Rad21-None.sga K562 None Rad21 Rad21 GSM803447
164 GSM803352-K562-RevXlinkChromatin-None.sga K562 None RevXlinkChromatin rep1 RevXlinkChromatin GSM803352
165 GSM803468-K562-RevXlinkChromatin-None.sga K562 None RevXlinkChromatin rep2 RevXlinkChromatin GSM803468
166 GSM803378-K562-SIX5-None.sga K562 None SIX5 rep1 SIX5 GSM803378
167 GSM803383-K562-SIX5-None.sga K562 None SIX5 rep2 SIX5 GSM803383
168 GSM803505-K562-SP1-None.sga K562 None SP1 SP1 GSM803505
169 GSM803402-K562-SP2-None.sga K562 None SP2 SP2 GSM803402
170 GSM803520-K562-SRF-None.sga K562 None SRF SRF GSM803520
171 GSM803525-K562-Sin3Ak-20-None.sga K562 None Sin3Ak-20 Sin3Ak-20 GSM803525
172 GSM803431-K562-TAF1-None.sga K562 None TAF1 TAF1 GSM803431
173 GSM803407-K562-TAF7-None.sga K562 None TAF7 TAF7 GSM803407
174 GSM803408-K562-THAP1-None.sga K562 None THAP1 THAP1 GSM803408
175 GSM803441-K562-USF-1-None.sga K562 None USF-1 USF-1 GSM803441
176 GSM803470-K562-YY1-None.sga K562 None YY1 YY1 GSM803470
177 GSM803504-K562-ZBTB33-None.sga K562 None ZBTB33 ZBTB33 GSM803504
178 GSM803473-K562-ZBTB7A-None.sga K562 None ZBTB7A ZBTB7A GSM803473
179 GSM803370-PANC-1-NRSF-None.sga PANC-1 None NRSF NRSF GSM803370
180 GSM803394-PANC-1-RevXlinkChromatin-None.sga PANC-1 None RevXlinkChromatin RevXlinkChromatin GSM803394
181 GSM803480-PFSK-1-FOXP2-None.sga PFSK-1 None FOXP2 FOXP2 GSM803480
182 GSM803369-PFSK-1-NRSF-None.sga PFSK-1 None NRSF NRSF GSM803369
183 GSM803376-PFSK-1-RevXlinkChromatin-None.sga PFSK-1 None RevXlinkChromatin RevXlinkChromatin GSM803376
184 GSM803353-SK-N-MC-FOXP2-None.sga SK-N-MC None FOXP2 FOXP2 GSM803353
185 GSM803423-SK-N-MC-RevXlinkChromatin-None.sga SK-N-MC None RevXlinkChromatin rep1 RevXlinkChromatin GSM803423
186 GSM803492-SK-N-MC-RevXlinkChromatin-None.sga SK-N-MC None RevXlinkChromatin rep2 RevXlinkChromatin GSM803492
187 GSM803335-SK-N-SH-NRSF-None.sga SK-N-SH None NRSF NRSF GSM803335
188 GSM803528-SK-N-SH-RevXlinkChromatin-None.sga SK-N-SH None RevXlinkChromatin RevXlinkChromatin GSM803528
189 GSM803333-SK-N-SH_RA-CTCF-None.sga SK-N-SH_RA None CTCF CTCF GSM803333
190 GSM803497-SK-N-SH_RA-Rad21-None.sga SK-N-SH_RA None Rad21 Rad21 GSM803497
191 GSM803526-SK-N-SH_RA-RevXlinkChromatin-None.sga SK-N-SH_RA None RevXlinkChromatin RevXlinkChromatin GSM803526
192 GSM803472-SK-N-SH_RA-USF1-None.sga SK-N-SH_RA None USF1 USF1 GSM803472
193 GSM803498-SK-N-SH_RA-YY1-None.sga SK-N-SH_RA None YY1 YY1 GSM803498
194 GSM803495-SK-N-SH_RA-p300-None.sga SK-N-SH_RA None p300 p300 GSM803495
195 GSM803348-T-47D-CTCF-DMSO_0.02pct.sga T-47D DMSO_0.02pct CTCF CTCF GSM803348
196 GSM803374-T-47D-ERalpha-Genistein_100nM.sga T-47D Genistein_100nM ERalpha ERalpha GSM803374
197 GSM803519-T-47D-ERalpha-DMSO_0.02pct.sga T-47D DMSO_0.02pct ERalpha ERalpha GSM803519
198 GSM803539-T-47D-ERalpha-Estradiol_10nM.sga T-47D Estradiol_10nM ERalpha ERalpha GSM803539
199 GSM803409-T-47D-FOXA1-DMSO_0.02pct.sga T-47D DMSO_0.02pct FOXA1 FOXA1 GSM803409
200 GSM803514-T-47D-GATA3-DMSO_0.02pct.sga T-47D DMSO_0.02pct GATA3 GATA3 GSM803514
201 GSM803433-T-47D-RevXlinkChromatin-DMSO_0.02pct.sga T-47D DMSO_0.02pct RevXlinkChromatin RevXlinkChromatin GSM803433
202 GSM803522-T-47D-p300-DMSO_0.02pct.sga T-47D DMSO_0.02pct p300 p300 GSM803522

Technical Notes

BAM files were downloaded from UCSC and converted to BED files. These were lifted over to hg 18 from hg19 and converted into SGA files using in-house software:


  1. GEO series GSE32465 Transcription Factor Binding Sites by ChIP-seq from ENCODE/HAIB.