Andersson 2014, H3K4me1 and H3K27ac in several blood cell types.


H3K4me1 and H3K27ac maps for a number of major human blood cell types (CD4, CD8, CD19 and CD56)



From H. sapiens (Feb 2009 GRCh37/hg19).

ChIP-seq data:

Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 GSM998994_C_CD19_H3K4me1.sga CD19|H3K4me1|rep1 H3K4me1 GSM998994
2 GSM998995_A_CD19_H3K4me1.sga CD19|H3K4me1|rep2 H3K4me1 GSM998995
3 GSM998996_A_CD19_H3K27ac.sga CD19|H3K27ac|rep1 H3K27ac GSM998996
4 GSM998997_C_CD19_H3K27ac.sga CD19|H3K27ac|rep2 H3K27ac GSM998997
5 GSM998998_A_CD8_H3K4me1.sga CD8|H3K4me1|rep1 H3K4me1 GSM998998
6 GSM998999_C_CD8_H3K4me1.sga CD8|H3K4me1|rep2 H3K4me1 GSM998999
7 GSM999000_A_CD8_H3K27ac.sga CD8|H3K27ac|rep1 H3K27ac GSM999000
8 GSM999001_C_CD8_H3K27ac.sga CD8|H3K27ac|rep2 H3K27ac GSM999001
9 GSM999002_E_CD4_H3K4me1.sga CD4|H3K4me1|rep1 H3K4me1 GSM999002
10 GSM999003_S036_CD4_H3K4me1.sga CD4|H3K4me1|rep2 H3K4me1 GSM999003
11 GSM999004_E_CD4_H3K27ac.sga CD4|H3K27ac|rep1 H3K27ac GSM999004
12 GSM999005_S036_CD4_H3K27ac.sga CD4|H3K27ac|rep2 H3K27ac GSM999005
13 GSM999006_C_CD56_H3K4me1.sga CD56|H3K4me1|rep1 H3K4me1 GSM999006
14 GSM999007_A_CD56_H3K4me1.sga CD56|H3K4me1|rep2 H3K4me1 GSM999007
15 GSM999008_A_CD56_H3K27ac.sga CD56|H3K27ac|rep1 H3K27ac GSM999008
16 GSM999009_C_CD56_H3K27ac.sga CD56|H3K27ac|rep2 H3K27ac GSM999009
17 GSM999010_A_Input_CD19.sga CD19|Input|rep1 Input GSM999010
18 GSM999011_A_Input_CD56.sga CD56|Input|rep1 Input GSM999011
19 GSM999012_A_Input_CD8.sga CD8|Input|rep1 Input GSM999012
20 GSM999013_C_Input_CD8.sga CD8|Input|rep2 Input GSM999013
21 GSM999014_E_Input_CD4.sga CD4|Input|rep1 Input GSM999014

Technical Notes

BED to SGA conversion was carried out using (ChIP-Seq v. 1.5.2).


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