Imbeault 2017, KRAB-ZFP ChIP-seq.


ChIP-exo data of 222 different KRAB containing zing finger protein (ZFP) from human HEK293T cells and human embryonic stem cell H1 for KAP1. 293T cells were transduced to stably bear HA tagged ZFP doxicycline inducible constructs. Immunoprecipitations were performed against the HA tag.



From H. sapiens (Feb 2009 GRCh37/hg19).

ChIP-seq data:

Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 GSM2067350.sga H1ES|KAP1 KAP1 GSM2067350
2 GSM2466444.sga 293T|Input Input GSM2466444
3 GSM2466445.sga 293T|HKR1 HKR1 GSM2466445
4 GSM2466446.sga 293T|PRDM9 PRDM9 GSM2466446
5 GSM2466447.sga 293T|RBAK RBAK GSM2466447
6 GSM2466448.sga 293T|ZFP14 ZFP14 GSM2466448
7 GSM2466449.sga 293T|ZFP1 ZFP1 GSM2466449
8 GSM2466450.sga 293T|ZFP57|rep1 ZFP57 GSM2466450
9 GSM2466451.sga 293T|ZFP57|rep2 ZFP57 GSM2466451
10 GSM2466452.sga 293T|ZFP69B ZFP69B GSM2466452
11 GSM2466453.sga 293T|ZFP69 ZFP69 GSM2466453
12 GSM2466454.sga 293T|ZFP90 ZFP90 GSM2466454
13 GSM2466455.sga 293T|ZIK1 ZIK1 GSM2466455
14 GSM2466456.sga 293T|ZIM2_1 ZIM2_1 GSM2466456
15 GSM2466457.sga 293T|ZIM3 ZIM3 GSM2466457
16 GSM2466458.sga 293T|ZKSCAN2 ZKSCAN2 GSM2466458
17 GSM2466461.sga 293T|ZKSCAN3 ZKSCAN3 GSM2466461
18 GSM2466463.sga 293T|ZKSCAN5 ZKSCAN5 GSM2466463
19 GSM2466465.sga 293T|ZNF100|rep1 ZNF100 GSM2466465
20 GSM2466467.sga 293T|ZNF100|rep2 ZNF100 GSM2466467
21 GSM2466469.sga 293T|ZNF100|rep3 ZNF100 GSM2466469
22 GSM2466470.sga 293T|ZNF101 ZNF101 GSM2466470
23 GSM2466471.sga 293T|ZNF10 ZNF10 GSM2466471
24 GSM2466472.sga 293T|ZNF114 ZNF114 GSM2466472
25 GSM2466473.sga 293T|ZNF124 ZNF124 GSM2466473
26 GSM2466474.sga 293T|ZNF12 ZNF12 GSM2466474
27 GSM2466475.sga 293T|ZNF132 ZNF132 GSM2466475
28 GSM2466476.sga 293T|ZNF133 ZNF133 GSM2466476
29 GSM2466477.sga 293T|ZNF135 ZNF135 GSM2466477
30 GSM2466478.sga 293T|ZNF136 ZNF136 GSM2466478
31 GSM2466479.sga 293T|ZNF141 ZNF141 GSM2466479
32 GSM2466480.sga 293T|ZNF154 ZNF154 GSM2466480
33 GSM2466481.sga 293T|ZNF157 ZNF157 GSM2466481
34 GSM2466482.sga 293T|ZNF169|rep1 ZNF169 GSM2466482
35 GSM2466483.sga 293T|ZNF169|rep2 ZNF169 GSM2466483
36 GSM2466484.sga 293T|ZNF17 ZNF17 GSM2466484
37 GSM2466485.sga 293T|ZNF180 ZNF180 GSM2466485
38 GSM2466486.sga 293T|ZNF181 ZNF181 GSM2466486
39 GSM2466487.sga 293T|ZNF182 ZNF182 GSM2466487
40 GSM2466488.sga 293T|ZNF184 ZNF184 GSM2466488
41 GSM2466489.sga 293T|ZNF189 ZNF189 GSM2466489
42 GSM2466490.sga 293T|ZNF18 ZNF18 GSM2466490
43 GSM2466491.sga 293T|ZNF197 ZNF197 GSM2466491
44 GSM2466492.sga 293T|ZNF19 ZNF19 GSM2466492
45 GSM2466493.sga 293T|ZNF202 ZNF202 GSM2466493
46 GSM2466494.sga 293T|ZNF205 ZNF205 GSM2466494
47 GSM2466495.sga 293T|ZNF211|rep1 ZNF211 GSM2466495
48 GSM2466496.sga 293T|ZNF211|rep2 ZNF211 GSM2466496
49 GSM2466497.sga 293T|ZNF212 ZNF212 GSM2466497
50 GSM2466498.sga 293T|ZNF214 ZNF214 GSM2466498
51 GSM2466499.sga 293T|ZNF222 ZNF222 GSM2466499
52 GSM2466500.sga 293T|ZNF223 ZNF223 GSM2466500
53 GSM2466501.sga 293T|ZNF224 ZNF224 GSM2466501
54 GSM2466502.sga 293T|ZNF225 ZNF225 GSM2466502
55 GSM2466503.sga 293T|ZNF235 ZNF235 GSM2466503
56 GSM2466504.sga 293T|ZNF248 ZNF248 GSM2466504
57 GSM2466505.sga 293T|ZNF254 ZNF254 GSM2466505
58 GSM2466506.sga 293T|ZNF257 ZNF257 GSM2466506
59 GSM2466507.sga 293T|ZNF25 ZNF25 GSM2466507
60 GSM2466508.sga 293T|ZNF263 ZNF263 GSM2466508
61 GSM2466509.sga 293T|ZNF264 ZNF264 GSM2466509
62 GSM2466510.sga 293T|ZNF266 ZNF266 GSM2466510
63 GSM2466511.sga 293T|ZNF267 ZNF267 GSM2466511
64 GSM2466512.sga 293T|ZNF26 ZNF26 GSM2466512
65 GSM2466513.sga 293T|ZNF273 ZNF273 GSM2466513
66 GSM2466514.sga 293T|ZNF274 ZNF274 GSM2466514
67 GSM2466515.sga 293T|ZNF282|rep1 ZNF282 GSM2466515
68 GSM2466516.sga 293T|ZNF282|rep2 ZNF282 GSM2466516
69 GSM2466517.sga 293T|ZNF283 ZNF283 GSM2466517
70 GSM2466518.sga 293T|ZNF284 ZNF284 GSM2466518
71 GSM2466519.sga 293T|ZNF285 ZNF285 GSM2466519
72 GSM2466520.sga 293T|ZNF287 ZNF287 GSM2466520
73 GSM2466521.sga 293T|ZNF28 ZNF28 GSM2466521
74 GSM2466522.sga 293T|ZNF2 ZNF2 GSM2466522
75 GSM2466523.sga 293T|ZNF300 ZNF300 GSM2466523
76 GSM2466524.sga 293T|ZNF302 ZNF302 GSM2466524
77 GSM2466525.sga 293T|ZNF304 ZNF304 GSM2466525
78 GSM2466526.sga 293T|ZNF30 ZNF30 GSM2466526
79 GSM2466527.sga 293T|ZNF311 ZNF311 GSM2466527
80 GSM2466528.sga 293T|ZNF317 ZNF317 GSM2466528
81 GSM2466529.sga 293T|ZNF320 ZNF320 GSM2466529
82 GSM2466530.sga 293T|ZNF324B ZNF324B GSM2466530
83 GSM2466531.sga 293T|ZNF324 ZNF324 GSM2466531
84 GSM2466532.sga 293T|ZNF331 ZNF331 GSM2466532
85 GSM2466533.sga 293T|ZNF333 ZNF333 GSM2466533
86 GSM2466534.sga 293T|ZNF334 ZNF334 GSM2466534
87 GSM2466535.sga 293T|ZNF337 ZNF337 GSM2466535
88 GSM2466536.sga 293T|ZNF33A|rep1 ZNF33A GSM2466536
89 GSM2466537.sga 293T|ZNF33A|rep2 ZNF33A GSM2466537
90 GSM2466538.sga 293T|ZNF33B ZNF33B GSM2466538
91 GSM2466539.sga 293T|ZNF343 ZNF343 GSM2466539
92 GSM2466540.sga 293T|ZNF354A ZNF354A GSM2466540
93 GSM2466541.sga 293T|ZNF354B ZNF354B GSM2466541
94 GSM2466542.sga 293T|ZNF382|rep1 ZNF382 GSM2466542
95 GSM2466543.sga 293T|ZNF382|rep2 ZNF382 GSM2466543
96 GSM2466544.sga 293T|ZNF383 ZNF383 GSM2466544
97 GSM2466545.sga 293T|ZNF398 ZNF398 GSM2466545
98 GSM2466546.sga 293T|ZNF3 ZNF3 GSM2466546
99 GSM2466547.sga 293T|ZNF417 ZNF417 GSM2466547
100 GSM2466548.sga 293T|ZNF418 ZNF418 GSM2466548
101 GSM2466549.sga 293T|ZNF419|rep1 ZNF419 GSM2466549
102 GSM2466550.sga 293T|ZNF419|rep2 ZNF419 GSM2466550
103 GSM2466551.sga 293T|ZNF425 ZNF425 GSM2466551
104 GSM2466552.sga 293T|ZNF429 ZNF429 GSM2466552
105 GSM2466553.sga 293T|ZNF430 ZNF430 GSM2466553
106 GSM2466554.sga 293T|ZNF431 ZNF431 GSM2466554
107 GSM2466555.sga 293T|ZNF432 ZNF432 GSM2466555
108 GSM2466556.sga 293T|ZNF433 ZNF433 GSM2466556
109 GSM2466557.sga 293T|ZNF439 ZNF439 GSM2466557
110 GSM2466558.sga 293T|ZNF440 ZNF440 GSM2466558
111 GSM2466559.sga 293T|ZNF441 ZNF441 GSM2466559
112 GSM2466560.sga 293T|ZNF442 ZNF442 GSM2466560
113 GSM2466561.sga 293T|ZNF443 ZNF443 GSM2466561
114 GSM2466562.sga 293T|ZNF445 ZNF445 GSM2466562
115 GSM2466563.sga 293T|ZNF44 ZNF44 GSM2466563
116 GSM2466564.sga 293T|ZNF454 ZNF454 GSM2466564
117 GSM2466565.sga 293T|ZNF45 ZNF45 GSM2466565
118 GSM2466566.sga 293T|ZNF460 ZNF460 GSM2466566
119 GSM2466567.sga 293T|ZNF468 ZNF468 GSM2466567
120 GSM2466568.sga 293T|ZNF479 ZNF479 GSM2466568
121 GSM2466569.sga 293T|ZNF480 ZNF480 GSM2466569
122 GSM2466570.sga 293T|ZNF483 ZNF483 GSM2466570
123 GSM2466571.sga 293T|ZNF484 ZNF484 GSM2466571
124 GSM2466572.sga 293T|ZNF485 ZNF485 GSM2466572
125 GSM2466573.sga 293T|ZNF486 ZNF486 GSM2466573
126 GSM2466574.sga 293T|ZNF487 ZNF487 GSM2466574
127 GSM2466575.sga 293T|ZNF492 ZNF492 GSM2466575
128 GSM2466576.sga 293T|ZNF496 ZNF496 GSM2466576
129 GSM2466577.sga 293T|ZNF506 ZNF506 GSM2466577
130 GSM2466578.sga 293T|ZNF519 ZNF519 GSM2466578
131 GSM2466579.sga 293T|ZNF525 ZNF525 GSM2466579
132 GSM2466580.sga 293T|ZNF527 ZNF527 GSM2466580
133 GSM2466581.sga 293T|ZNF528 ZNF528 GSM2466581
134 GSM2466582.sga 293T|ZNF529 ZNF529 GSM2466582
135 GSM2466583.sga 293T|ZNF530 ZNF530 GSM2466583
136 GSM2466584.sga 293T|ZNF534 ZNF534 GSM2466584
137 GSM2466585.sga 293T|ZNF540 ZNF540 GSM2466585
138 GSM2466586.sga 293T|ZNF543 ZNF543 GSM2466586
139 GSM2466587.sga 293T|ZNF547 ZNF547 GSM2466587
140 GSM2466588.sga 293T|ZNF548 ZNF548 GSM2466588
141 GSM2466589.sga 293T|ZNF549|rep1 ZNF549 GSM2466589
142 GSM2466590.sga 293T|ZNF549|rep2 ZNF549 GSM2466590
143 GSM2466591.sga 293T|ZNF550 ZNF550 GSM2466591
144 GSM2466592.sga 293T|ZNF552 ZNF552 GSM2466592
145 GSM2466593.sga 293T|ZNF555 ZNF555 GSM2466593
146 GSM2466594.sga 293T|ZNF557 ZNF557 GSM2466594
147 GSM2466595.sga 293T|ZNF558 ZNF558 GSM2466595
148 GSM2466596.sga 293T|ZNF561 ZNF561 GSM2466596
149 GSM2466597.sga 293T|ZNF562 ZNF562 GSM2466597
150 GSM2466598.sga 293T|ZNF564 ZNF564 GSM2466598
151 GSM2466599.sga 293T|ZNF565 ZNF565 GSM2466599
152 GSM2466600.sga 293T|ZNF566 ZNF566 GSM2466600
153 GSM2466601.sga 293T|ZNF567 ZNF567 GSM2466601
154 GSM2466602.sga 293T|ZNF570 ZNF570 GSM2466602
155 GSM2466603.sga 293T|ZNF571 ZNF571 GSM2466603
156 GSM2466604.sga 293T|ZNF573 ZNF573 GSM2466604
157 GSM2466605.sga 293T|ZNF582 ZNF582 GSM2466605
158 GSM2466606.sga 293T|ZNF584 ZNF584 GSM2466606
159 GSM2466607.sga 293T|ZNF585A ZNF585A GSM2466607
160 GSM2466608.sga 293T|ZNF587 ZNF587 GSM2466608
161 GSM2466609.sga 293T|ZNF605 ZNF605 GSM2466609
162 GSM2466610.sga 293T|ZNF610 ZNF610 GSM2466610
163 GSM2466611.sga 293T|ZNF611 ZNF611 GSM2466611
164 GSM2466612.sga 293T|ZNF613 ZNF613 GSM2466612
165 GSM2466613.sga 293T|ZNF614 ZNF614 GSM2466613
166 GSM2466614.sga 293T|ZNF615 ZNF615 GSM2466614
167 GSM2466615.sga 293T|ZNF616 ZNF616 GSM2466615
168 GSM2466616.sga 293T|ZNF619 ZNF619 GSM2466616
169 GSM2466617.sga 293T|ZNF620 ZNF620 GSM2466617
170 GSM2466618.sga 293T|ZNF621 ZNF621 GSM2466618
171 GSM2466619.sga 293T|ZNF626 ZNF626 GSM2466619
172 GSM2466620.sga 293T|ZNF627 ZNF627 GSM2466620
173 GSM2466621.sga 293T|ZNF641 ZNF641 GSM2466621
174 GSM2466622.sga 293T|ZNF649 ZNF649 GSM2466622
175 GSM2466623.sga 293T|ZNF662 ZNF662 GSM2466623
176 GSM2466624.sga 293T|ZNF667 ZNF667 GSM2466624
177 GSM2466625.sga 293T|ZNF669 ZNF669 GSM2466625
178 GSM2466626.sga 293T|ZNF671 ZNF671 GSM2466626
179 GSM2466627.sga 293T|ZNF674 ZNF674 GSM2466627
180 GSM2466628.sga 293T|ZNF675 ZNF675 GSM2466628
181 GSM2466629.sga 293T|ZNF680|rep1 ZNF680 GSM2466629
182 GSM2466630.sga 293T|ZNF680|rep2 ZNF680 GSM2466630
183 GSM2466631.sga 293T|ZNF681 ZNF681 GSM2466631
184 GSM2466632.sga 293T|ZNF682|rep1 ZNF682 GSM2466632
185 GSM2466633.sga 293T|ZNF682|rep2 ZNF682 GSM2466633
186 GSM2466634.sga 293T|ZNF684 ZNF684 GSM2466634
187 GSM2466635.sga 293T|ZNF695 ZNF695 GSM2466635
188 GSM2466636.sga 293T|ZNF69 ZNF69 GSM2466636
189 GSM2466637.sga 293T|ZNF701 ZNF701 GSM2466637
190 GSM2466638.sga 293T|ZNF705G ZNF705G GSM2466638
191 GSM2466639.sga 293T|ZNF707 ZNF707 GSM2466639
192 GSM2466640.sga 293T|ZNF708 ZNF708 GSM2466640
193 GSM2466641.sga 293T|ZNF714 ZNF714 GSM2466641
194 GSM2466642.sga 293T|ZNF716 ZNF716 GSM2466642
195 GSM2466643.sga 293T|ZNF730 ZNF730 GSM2466643
196 GSM2466644.sga 293T|ZNF736 ZNF736 GSM2466644
197 GSM2466645.sga 293T|ZNF737 ZNF737 GSM2466645
198 GSM2466646.sga 293T|ZNF749 ZNF749 GSM2466646
199 GSM2466647.sga 293T|ZNF74 ZNF74 GSM2466647
200 GSM2466648.sga 293T|ZNF75D|rep1 ZNF75D GSM2466648
201 GSM2466649.sga 293T|ZNF75D|rep2 ZNF75D GSM2466649
202 GSM2466650.sga 293T|ZNF764 ZNF764 GSM2466650
203 GSM2466651.sga 293T|ZNF765 ZNF765 GSM2466651
204 GSM2466652.sga 293T|ZNF766 ZNF766 GSM2466652
205 GSM2466653.sga 293T|ZNF776 ZNF776 GSM2466653
206 GSM2466654.sga 293T|ZNF777 ZNF777 GSM2466654
207 GSM2466655.sga 293T|ZNF778 ZNF778 GSM2466655
208 GSM2466656.sga 293T|ZNF77 ZNF77 GSM2466656
209 GSM2466657.sga 293T|ZNF780A ZNF780A GSM2466657
210 GSM2466658.sga 293T|ZNF782 ZNF782 GSM2466658
211 GSM2466659.sga 293T|ZNF783 ZNF783 GSM2466659
212 GSM2466660.sga 293T|ZNF785 ZNF785 GSM2466660
213 GSM2466661.sga 293T|ZNF786 ZNF786 GSM2466661
214 GSM2466662.sga 293T|ZNF789 ZNF789 GSM2466662
215 GSM2466663.sga 293T|ZNF790 ZNF790 GSM2466663
216 GSM2466664.sga 293T|ZNF791 ZNF791 GSM2466664
217 GSM2466665.sga 293T|ZNF792 ZNF792 GSM2466665
218 GSM2466666.sga 293T|ZNF793|rep1 ZNF793 GSM2466666
219 GSM2466667.sga 293T|ZNF793|rep2 ZNF793 GSM2466667
220 GSM2466668.sga 293T|ZNF799 ZNF799 GSM2466668
221 GSM2466669.sga 293T|ZNF79 ZNF79 GSM2466669
222 GSM2466670.sga 293T|ZNF7 ZNF7 GSM2466670
223 GSM2466671.sga 293T|ZNF805 ZNF805 GSM2466671
224 GSM2466672.sga 293T|ZNF808 ZNF808 GSM2466672
225 GSM2466673.sga 293T|ZNF816 ZNF816 GSM2466673
226 GSM2466674.sga 293T|ZNF81 ZNF81 GSM2466674
227 GSM2466675.sga 293T|ZNF823 ZNF823 GSM2466675
228 GSM2466676.sga 293T|ZNF846 ZNF846 GSM2466676
229 GSM2466677.sga 293T|ZNF84 ZNF84 GSM2466677
230 GSM2466678.sga 293T|ZNF85 ZNF85 GSM2466678
231 GSM2466679.sga 293T|ZNF860 ZNF860 GSM2466679
232 GSM2466680.sga 293T|ZNF879 ZNF879 GSM2466680
233 GSM2466681.sga 293T|ZNF880 ZNF880 GSM2466681
234 GSM2466682.sga 293T|ZNF891 ZNF891 GSM2466682
235 GSM2466683.sga 293T|ZNF8 ZNF8 GSM2466683
236 GSM2466684.sga 293T|ZNF90 ZNF90 GSM2466684
237 GSM2466685.sga 293T|ZNF93 ZNF93 GSM2466685

ChIP-seq peaks files:

Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 GSM2067350_peaks.sga H1ES|KAP1H1 KAP1_p GSM2067350
2 GSM2466445_peaks.sga 293T|HKR1 HKR1_p GSM2466445
3 GSM2466446_peaks.sga 293T|PRDM9 PRDM9_p GSM2466446
4 GSM2466447_peaks.sga 293T|RBAK RBAK_p GSM2466447
5 GSM2466448_peaks.sga 293T|ZFP14 ZFP14_p GSM2466448
6 GSM2466449_peaks.sga 293T|ZFP1 ZFP1_p GSM2466449
7 GSM2466450_peaks.sga 293T|ZFP57|rep1 ZFP57_p GSM2466450
8 GSM2466451_peaks.sga 293T|ZFP57|rep2 ZFP57_p GSM2466451
9 GSM2466452_peaks.sga 293T|ZFP69B ZFP69B_p GSM2466452
10 GSM2466453_peaks.sga 293T|ZFP69 ZFP69_p GSM2466453
11 GSM2466454_peaks.sga 293T|ZFP90 ZFP90_p GSM2466454
12 GSM2466455_peaks.sga 293T|ZIK1 ZIK1_p GSM2466455
13 GSM2466456_peaks.sga 293T|ZIM2_1 ZIM2_1_p GSM2466456
14 GSM2466457_peaks.sga 293T|ZIM3 ZIM3_p GSM2466457
15 GSM2466458_peaks.sga 293T|ZKSCAN2 ZKSCAN2_p GSM2466458
16 GSM2466461_peaks.sga 293T|ZKSCAN3 ZKSCAN3_p GSM2466461
17 GSM2466463_peaks.sga 293T|ZKSCAN5 ZKSCAN5_p GSM2466463
18 GSM2466465_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF100|rep1 ZNF100_p GSM2466465
19 GSM2466467_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF100|rep2 ZNF100-_p GSM2466467
20 GSM2466469_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF100|rep3 ZNF100_p GSM2466469
21 GSM2466470_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF101 ZNF101_p GSM2466470
22 GSM2466471_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF10 ZNF10_p GSM2466471
23 GSM2466472_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF114 ZNF114_p GSM2466472
24 GSM2466473_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF124 ZNF124_p GSM2466473
25 GSM2466474_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF12 ZNF12_p GSM2466474
26 GSM2466475_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF132 ZNF132_p GSM2466475
27 GSM2466476_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF133 ZNF133_p GSM2466476
28 GSM2466477_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF135 ZNF135_p GSM2466477
29 GSM2466478_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF136 ZNF136_p GSM2466478
30 GSM2466479_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF141 ZNF141_p GSM2466479
31 GSM2466480_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF154 ZNF154_p GSM2466480
32 GSM2466481_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF157 ZNF157_p GSM2466481
33 GSM2466482_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF169|rep1 ZNF169_p GSM2466482
34 GSM2466483_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF169|rep2 ZNF169_p GSM2466483
35 GSM2466484_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF17 ZNF17_p GSM2466484
36 GSM2466485_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF180 ZNF180_p GSM2466485
37 GSM2466486_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF181 ZNF181_p GSM2466486
38 GSM2466487_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF182 ZNF182_p GSM2466487
39 GSM2466488_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF184 ZNF184_p GSM2466488
40 GSM2466489_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF189 ZNF189_p GSM2466489
41 GSM2466490_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF18 ZNF18_p GSM2466490
42 GSM2466491_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF197 ZNF197_p GSM2466491
43 GSM2466492_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF19 ZNF19_p GSM2466492
44 GSM2466493_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF202 ZNF202_p GSM2466493
45 GSM2466494_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF205 ZNF205_p GSM2466494
46 GSM2466495_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF211|rep1 ZNF211_p GSM2466495
47 GSM2466496_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF211|rep2 ZNF211_p GSM2466496
48 GSM2466497_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF212 ZNF212_p GSM2466497
49 GSM2466498_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF214 ZNF214_p GSM2466498
50 GSM2466499_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF222 ZNF222_p GSM2466499
51 GSM2466500_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF223 ZNF223_p GSM2466500
52 GSM2466501_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF224 ZNF224_p GSM2466501
53 GSM2466502_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF225 ZNF225_p GSM2466502
54 GSM2466503_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF235 ZNF235_p GSM2466503
55 GSM2466504_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF248 ZNF248_p GSM2466504
56 GSM2466505_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF254 ZNF254_p GSM2466505
57 GSM2466506_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF257 ZNF257_p GSM2466506
58 GSM2466507_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF25 ZNF25_p GSM2466507
59 GSM2466508_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF263 ZNF263_p GSM2466508
60 GSM2466509_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF264 ZNF264_p GSM2466509
61 GSM2466510_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF266 ZNF266_p GSM2466510
62 GSM2466511_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF267 ZNF267_p GSM2466511
63 GSM2466512_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF26 ZNF26_p GSM2466512
64 GSM2466513_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF273 ZNF273_p GSM2466513
65 GSM2466514_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF274 ZNF274_p GSM2466514
66 GSM2466515_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF282|rep1 ZNF282_p GSM2466515
67 GSM2466516_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF282|rep2 ZNF282_p GSM2466516
68 GSM2466517_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF283 ZNF283_p GSM2466517
69 GSM2466518_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF284 ZNF284_p GSM2466518
70 GSM2466519_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF285 ZNF285_p GSM2466519
71 GSM2466520_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF287 ZNF287_p GSM2466520
72 GSM2466521_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF28 ZNF28_p GSM2466521
73 GSM2466522_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF2 ZNF2_p GSM2466522
74 GSM2466523_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF300 ZNF300_p GSM2466523
75 GSM2466524_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF302 ZNF302_p GSM2466524
76 GSM2466525_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF304 ZNF304_p GSM2466525
77 GSM2466526_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF30 ZNF30_p GSM2466526
78 GSM2466527_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF311 ZNF311_p GSM2466527
79 GSM2466528_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF317 ZNF317_p GSM2466528
80 GSM2466529_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF320 ZNF320_p GSM2466529
81 GSM2466530_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF324B ZNF324B_p GSM2466530
82 GSM2466531_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF324 ZNF324_p GSM2466531
83 GSM2466532_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF331 ZNF331_p GSM2466532
84 GSM2466533_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF333 ZNF333_p GSM2466533
85 GSM2466534_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF334 ZNF334_p GSM2466534
86 GSM2466535_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF337 ZNF337_p GSM2466535
87 GSM2466536_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF33A|rep1 ZNF33A_p GSM2466536
88 GSM2466537_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF33A|rep2 ZNF33A_p GSM2466537
89 GSM2466538_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF33B ZNF33B_p GSM2466538
90 GSM2466539_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF343 ZNF343_p GSM2466539
91 GSM2466540_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF354A ZNF354A_p GSM2466540
92 GSM2466541_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF354B ZNF354B_p GSM2466541
93 GSM2466542_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF382|rep1 ZNF382_p GSM2466542
94 GSM2466543_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF382|rep2 ZNF382_p GSM2466543
95 GSM2466544_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF383 ZNF383_p GSM2466544
96 GSM2466545_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF398 ZNF398_p GSM2466545
97 GSM2466546_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF3 ZNF3_p GSM2466546
98 GSM2466547_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF417 ZNF417_p GSM2466547
99 GSM2466548_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF418 ZNF418_p GSM2466548
100 GSM2466549_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF419|rep1 ZNF419_p GSM2466549
101 GSM2466550_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF419|rep2 ZNF419_p GSM2466550
102 GSM2466551_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF425 ZNF425_p GSM2466551
103 GSM2466552_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF429 ZNF429_p GSM2466552
104 GSM2466553_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF430 ZNF430_p GSM2466553
105 GSM2466554_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF431 ZNF431_p GSM2466554
106 GSM2466555_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF432 ZNF432_p GSM2466555
107 GSM2466556_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF433 ZNF433_p GSM2466556
108 GSM2466557_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF439 ZNF439_p GSM2466557
109 GSM2466558_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF440 ZNF440_p GSM2466558
110 GSM2466559_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF441 ZNF441_p GSM2466559
111 GSM2466560_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF442 ZNF442_p GSM2466560
112 GSM2466561_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF443 ZNF443_p GSM2466561
113 GSM2466562_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF445 ZNF445_p GSM2466562
114 GSM2466563_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF44 ZNF44_p GSM2466563
115 GSM2466564_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF454 ZNF454_p GSM2466564
116 GSM2466565_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF45 ZNF45_p GSM2466565
117 GSM2466566_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF460 ZNF460_p GSM2466566
118 GSM2466567_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF468 ZNF468_p GSM2466567
119 GSM2466568_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF479 ZNF479_p GSM2466568
120 GSM2466569_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF480 ZNF480_p GSM2466569
121 GSM2466570_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF483 ZNF483_p GSM2466570
122 GSM2466571_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF484 ZNF484_p GSM2466571
123 GSM2466572_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF485 ZNF485_p GSM2466572
124 GSM2466573_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF486 ZNF486_p GSM2466573
125 GSM2466574_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF487 ZNF487_p GSM2466574
126 GSM2466575_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF492 ZNF492_p GSM2466575
127 GSM2466576_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF496 ZNF496_p GSM2466576
128 GSM2466577_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF506 ZNF506_p GSM2466577
129 GSM2466578_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF519 ZNF519_p GSM2466578
130 GSM2466579_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF525 ZNF525_p GSM2466579
131 GSM2466580_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF527 ZNF527_p GSM2466580
132 GSM2466581_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF528 ZNF528_p GSM2466581
133 GSM2466582_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF529 ZNF529_p GSM2466582
134 GSM2466583_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF530 ZNF530_p GSM2466583
135 GSM2466584_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF534 ZNF534_p GSM2466584
136 GSM2466585_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF540 ZNF540_p GSM2466585
137 GSM2466586_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF543 ZNF543_p GSM2466586
138 GSM2466587_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF547 ZNF547_p GSM2466587
139 GSM2466588_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF548 ZNF548_p GSM2466588
140 GSM2466589_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF549|rep1 ZNF549_p GSM2466589
141 GSM2466590_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF549|rep2 ZNF549_p GSM2466590
142 GSM2466591_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF550 ZNF550_p GSM2466591
143 GSM2466592_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF552 ZNF552_p GSM2466592
144 GSM2466593_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF555 ZNF555_p GSM2466593
145 GSM2466594_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF557 ZNF557_p GSM2466594
146 GSM2466595_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF558 ZNF558_p GSM2466595
147 GSM2466596_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF561 ZNF561_p GSM2466596
148 GSM2466597_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF562 ZNF562_p GSM2466597
149 GSM2466598_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF564 ZNF564_p GSM2466598
150 GSM2466599_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF565 ZNF565_p GSM2466599
151 GSM2466600_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF566 ZNF566_p GSM2466600
152 GSM2466601_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF567 ZNF567_p GSM2466601
153 GSM2466602_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF570 ZNF570_p GSM2466602
154 GSM2466603_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF571 ZNF571_p GSM2466603
155 GSM2466604_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF573 ZNF573_p GSM2466604
156 GSM2466605_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF582 ZNF582_p GSM2466605
157 GSM2466606_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF584 ZNF584_p GSM2466606
158 GSM2466607_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF585A ZNF585A_p GSM2466607
159 GSM2466608_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF587 ZNF587_p GSM2466608
160 GSM2466609_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF605 ZNF605_p GSM2466609
161 GSM2466610_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF610 ZNF610_p GSM2466610
162 GSM2466611_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF611 ZNF611_p GSM2466611
163 GSM2466612_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF613 ZNF613_p GSM2466612
164 GSM2466613_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF614 ZNF614_p GSM2466613
165 GSM2466614_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF615 ZNF615_p GSM2466614
166 GSM2466615_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF616 ZNF616_p GSM2466615
167 GSM2466616_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF619 ZNF619_p GSM2466616
168 GSM2466617_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF620 ZNF620_p GSM2466617
169 GSM2466618_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF621 ZNF621_p GSM2466618
170 GSM2466619_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF626 ZNF626_p GSM2466619
171 GSM2466620_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF627 ZNF627_p GSM2466620
172 GSM2466621_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF641 ZNF641_p GSM2466621
173 GSM2466622_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF649 ZNF649_p GSM2466622
174 GSM2466623_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF662 ZNF662_p GSM2466623
175 GSM2466624_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF667 ZNF667_p GSM2466624
176 GSM2466625_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF669 ZNF669_p GSM2466625
177 GSM2466626_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF671 ZNF671_p GSM2466626
178 GSM2466627_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF674 ZNF674_p GSM2466627
179 GSM2466628_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF675 ZNF675_p GSM2466628
180 GSM2466629_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF680|rep1 ZNF680_p GSM2466629
181 GSM2466630_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF680|rep2 ZNF680_p GSM2466630
182 GSM2466631_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF681 ZNF681_p GSM2466631
183 GSM2466632_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF682|rep1 ZNF682_p GSM2466632
184 GSM2466633_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF682|rep2 ZNF682_p GSM2466633
185 GSM2466634_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF684 ZNF684_p GSM2466634
186 GSM2466635_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF695 ZNF695_p GSM2466635
187 GSM2466636_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF69 ZNF69_p GSM2466636
188 GSM2466637_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF701 ZNF701_p GSM2466637
189 GSM2466638_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF705G ZNF705G_p GSM2466638
190 GSM2466639_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF707 ZNF707_p GSM2466639
191 GSM2466640_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF708 ZNF708_p GSM2466640
192 GSM2466641_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF714 ZNF714_p GSM2466641
193 GSM2466642_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF716 ZNF716_p GSM2466642
194 GSM2466643_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF730 ZNF730_p GSM2466643
195 GSM2466644_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF736 ZNF736_p GSM2466644
196 GSM2466645_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF737 ZNF737_p GSM2466645
197 GSM2466646_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF749 ZNF749_p GSM2466646
198 GSM2466647_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF74 ZNF74_p GSM2466647
199 GSM2466648_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF75D|rep1 ZNF75D_p GSM2466648
200 GSM2466649_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF75D|rep2 ZNF75D_p GSM2466649
201 GSM2466650_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF764 ZNF764_p GSM2466650
202 GSM2466651_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF765 ZNF765_p GSM2466651
203 GSM2466652_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF766 ZNF766_p GSM2466652
204 GSM2466653_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF776 ZNF776_p GSM2466653
205 GSM2466654_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF777 ZNF777_p GSM2466654
206 GSM2466655_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF778 ZNF778_p GSM2466655
207 GSM2466656_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF77 ZNF77_p GSM2466656
208 GSM2466657_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF780A ZNF780A_p GSM2466657
209 GSM2466658_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF782 ZNF782_p GSM2466658
210 GSM2466659_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF783 ZNF783_p GSM2466659
211 GSM2466660_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF785 ZNF785_p GSM2466660
212 GSM2466661_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF786 ZNF786_p GSM2466661
213 GSM2466662_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF789 ZNF789_p GSM2466662
214 GSM2466663_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF790 ZNF790_p GSM2466663
215 GSM2466664_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF791 ZNF791_p GSM2466664
216 GSM2466665_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF792 ZNF792_p GSM2466665
217 GSM2466666_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF793|rep1 ZNF793_p GSM2466666
218 GSM2466667_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF793|rep2 ZNF793_p GSM2466667
219 GSM2466668_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF799 ZNF799_p GSM2466668
220 GSM2466669_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF79 ZNF79_p GSM2466669
221 GSM2466670_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF7 ZNF7_p GSM2466670
222 GSM2466671_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF805 ZNF805_p GSM2466671
223 GSM2466672_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF808 ZNF808_p GSM2466672
224 GSM2466673_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF816 ZNF816_p GSM2466673
225 GSM2466674_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF81 ZNF81_p GSM2466674
226 GSM2466675_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF823 ZNF823_p GSM2466675
227 GSM2466676_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF846 ZNF846_p GSM2466676
228 GSM2466677_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF84 ZNF84_p GSM2466677
229 GSM2466678_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF85 ZNF85_p GSM2466678
230 GSM2466679_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF860 ZNF860_p GSM2466679
231 GSM2466680_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF879 ZNF879_p GSM2466680
232 GSM2466681_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF880 ZNF880_p GSM2466681
233 GSM2466682_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF891 ZNF891_p GSM2466682
234 GSM2466683_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF8 ZNF8_p GSM2466683
235 GSM2466684_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF90 ZNF90_p GSM2466684
236 GSM2466685_peaks.sga 293T|ZNF93 ZNF93_p GSM2466685

Notes on samples nomenclature:

The sample description field is composed of 2 - sometimes 3 - values separared by a '|' character, corresponding to i) the cell line from which the data where generated, ii) the ChIP target and iii) the replicate number (if the condition was replicated).

Technical Notes

FASTQ files were extracted from SRA files using fastq-dump (SRA toolkit v2.5.0) and mapped to the hg19 genome using Bowtie2 v0.12.9. SAM files were then converted into bam using samtools v0.1.14 and to bed using bamToBed v2.12.0 (bedtools). SGA conversion was carried out using (ChIP-Seq v. 1.5.2). Peak files provided by the authors were downloaded in BED format and then converted to SGA using (ChIP-Seq v. 1.5.2) and to FPS using (ChIP-Seq v. 1.5.2). The original peak scores assigned by MACS were conserved and are stored as SGA 6th field.


Last update: 1 Oct 2018