Adult reproductive system.


This samples serie was produced as part of the RoadMap Project.


Files downloaded from GEO FTP server:
Input file format: BED


From H. sapiens (Feb 2009 GRCh37/hg19).

ChIP-seq data:

Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 GSM956009_UCSD.Ovary.H3K27ac.STL002.sga Ovary|H3K27ac H3K27ac GSM956009
2 GSM1013143_UCSD.Ovary.H3K36me3.STL002.sga Ovary|H3K36me3 H3K36me3 GSM1013143
3 GSM1013148_UCSD.Ovary.H3K4me1.STL002.sga Ovary|H3K4me1 H3K4me1 GSM1013148
4 GSM1013162_UCSD.Ovary.H3K9me3.STL002.sga Ovary|H3K9me3 H3K9me3 GSM1013162
5 GSM1013171_UCSD.Ovary.Input.STL002.sga Ovary|Input Input GSM1013171

DNase FAIRE data:

Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 GSM1027334_UW.Ovary.ChromatinAccessibility.STL002.DNase.DS20827.sga Ovary|DNase-seq DNase-seq GSM1027334

Technical Notes

BED files were downloaded from the FTP and converted in SGA format using bed2sga (ChIP-seq).


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