Stelloo 2018, ChIP-seq against AR, H3K27ac, H3K4me3 and H3K27me3 in prostate cancer primary tumors.


ChIP-seq against AR, H3K27ac, H3K4me3 and H3K27me3 in prostate cancer primary tumors. Patients are from the "Porto cohort", selected for a prostate cancer prevention trial. Patients were classifed as "Case" if they developed recurrence within ~5 years, or as "Control" if the developed no recurrence within ~10 years. Two patients without follow-up data were classified as "Exclude" by the authors of this study.



From H. sapiens (Feb 2009 GRCh37/hg19).

ChIP-seq data:

Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 GSM3409642_P223T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P223T|AR|Case AR GSM3409642
2 GSM3409643_P227T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P227T|AR|Case AR GSM3409643
3 GSM3409644_P228T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P228T|AR|Control AR GSM3409644
4 GSM3409645_P229T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P229T|AR|Case AR GSM3409645
5 GSM3409646_P230T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P230T|AR|Case AR GSM3409646
6 GSM3409647_P249T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P249T|AR|Control AR GSM3409647
7 GSM3409648_P252T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P252T|AR|Control AR GSM3409648
8 GSM3409649_P254T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P254T|AR|Exclude AR GSM3409649
9 GSM3409650_P255T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P255T|AR|Case AR GSM3409650
10 GSM3409651_P257T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P257T|AR|Control AR GSM3409651
11 GSM3409652_P261T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P261T|AR|Case AR GSM3409652
12 GSM3409653_P262T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P262T|AR|Control AR GSM3409653
13 GSM3409654_P263T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P263T|AR|Control AR GSM3409654
14 GSM3409655_P265T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P265T|AR|Case AR GSM3409655
15 GSM3409656_P266T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P266T|AR|Control AR GSM3409656
16 GSM3409657_P268T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P268T|AR|Case AR GSM3409657
17 GSM3409658_P272T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P272T|AR|Control AR GSM3409658
18 GSM3409659_P274T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P274T|AR|Case AR GSM3409659
19 GSM3409660_P276T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P276T|AR|Case AR GSM3409660
20 GSM3409661_P279T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P279T|AR|Control AR GSM3409661
21 GSM3409662_P280T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P280T|AR|Control AR GSM3409662
22 GSM3409663_P291T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P291T|AR|Exclude AR GSM3409663
23 GSM3409664_P294T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P294T|AR|Case AR GSM3409664
24 GSM3409665_P295T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P295T|AR|Case AR GSM3409665
25 GSM3409666_P297T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P297T|AR|Control AR GSM3409666
26 GSM3409667_P298T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P298T|AR|Case AR GSM3409667
27 GSM3409668_P300T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P300T|AR|Control AR GSM3409668
28 GSM3409669_P301T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P301T|AR|Case AR GSM3409669
29 GSM3409670_P305T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P305T|AR|Control AR GSM3409670
30 GSM3409671_P309T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P309T|AR|Case AR GSM3409671
31 GSM3409672_P310T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P310T|AR|Case AR GSM3409672
32 GSM3409673_P313T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P313T|AR|Case AR GSM3409673
33 GSM3409674_P324T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P324T|AR|Control AR GSM3409674
34 GSM3409675_P327T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P327T|AR|Case AR GSM3409675
35 GSM3409676_P328T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P328T|AR|Control AR GSM3409676
36 GSM3409677_P336T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P336T|AR|Control AR GSM3409677
37 GSM3409678_P342T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P342T|AR|Control AR GSM3409678
38 GSM3409679_P343T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P343T|AR|Case AR GSM3409679
39 GSM3409680_P348T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P348T|AR|Case AR GSM3409680
40 GSM3409681_P349T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P349T|AR|Control AR GSM3409681
41 GSM3409682_P352T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P352T|AR|Case AR GSM3409682
42 GSM3409683_P355T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P355T|AR|Case AR GSM3409683
43 GSM3409684_P416T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P416T|AR|Control AR GSM3409684
44 GSM3409685_P426T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P426T|AR|Case AR GSM3409685
45 GSM3409686_P427T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P427T|AR|Control AR GSM3409686
46 GSM3409687_P431T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P431T|AR|Case AR GSM3409687
47 GSM3409688_P433T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P433T|AR|Control AR GSM3409688
48 GSM3409689_P444T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P444T|AR|Control AR GSM3409689
49 GSM3409690_P449T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P449T|AR|Case AR GSM3409690
50 GSM3409691_P450T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P450T|AR|Case AR GSM3409691
51 GSM3409692_P452T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P452T|AR|Case AR GSM3409692
52 GSM3409693_P456T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P456T|AR|Control AR GSM3409693
53 GSM3409694_P462T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P462T|AR|Case AR GSM3409694
54 GSM3409695_P464T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P464T|AR|Case AR GSM3409695
55 GSM3409696_P466T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P466T|AR|Control AR GSM3409696
56 GSM3409697_P475T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P475T|AR|Control AR GSM3409697
57 GSM3409698_P500T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P500T|AR|Case AR GSM3409698
58 GSM3409699_P506T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P506T|AR|Case AR GSM3409699
59 GSM3409700_P507T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P507T|AR|Control AR GSM3409700
60 GSM3409701_P509T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P509T|AR|Control AR GSM3409701
61 GSM3409702_P511T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P511T|AR|Control AR GSM3409702
62 GSM3409703_P513T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P513T|AR|Control AR GSM3409703
63 GSM3409704_P527T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P527T|AR|Case AR GSM3409704
64 GSM3409705_P531T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P531T|AR|Case AR GSM3409705
65 GSM3409706_P533T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P533T|AR|Control AR GSM3409706
66 GSM3409707_P534T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P534T|AR|Control AR GSM3409707
67 GSM3409708_P536T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P536T|AR|Case AR GSM3409708
68 GSM3409709_P540T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P540T|AR|Control AR GSM3409709
69 GSM3409710_P544T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P544T|AR|Control AR GSM3409710
70 GSM3409711_P552T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P552T|AR|Case AR GSM3409711
71 GSM3409712_P555T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P555T|AR|Control AR GSM3409712
72 GSM3409713_P559T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P559T|AR|Case AR GSM3409713
73 GSM3409714_P560T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P560T|AR|Control AR GSM3409714
74 GSM3409715_P593T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P593T|AR|Control AR GSM3409715
75 GSM3409716_P603T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P603T|AR|Control AR GSM3409716
76 GSM3409717_P618T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P618T|AR|Case AR GSM3409717
77 GSM3409718_P643T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P643T|AR|Case AR GSM3409718
78 GSM3409719_P674T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P674T|AR|Control AR GSM3409719
79 GSM3409720_P680T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P680T|AR|Control AR GSM3409720
80 GSM3409721_P695T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P695T|AR|Control AR GSM3409721
81 GSM3409722_P710T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P710T|AR|Case AR GSM3409722
82 GSM3409723_P717T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P717T|AR|Case AR GSM3409723
83 GSM3409724_P730T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P730T|AR|Case AR GSM3409724
84 GSM3409725_P737T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P737T|AR|Case AR GSM3409725
85 GSM3409726_P747T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P747T|AR|Control AR GSM3409726
86 GSM3409727_P779T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P779T|AR|Control AR GSM3409727
87 GSM3409728_P811T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P811T|AR|Case AR GSM3409728
88 GSM3409729_P832T_AR.sga PC primary tumor P832T|AR|Control AR GSM3409729
89 GSM3409730_P327T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P327T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409730
90 GSM3409731_P223T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P223T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409731
91 GSM3409732_P227T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P227T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409732
92 GSM3409733_P313T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P313T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409733
93 GSM3409734_P228T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P228T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409734
94 GSM3409735_P252T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P252T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409735
95 GSM3409736_P257T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P257T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409736
96 GSM3409737_P262T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P262T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409737
97 GSM3409738_P245T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P245T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409738
98 GSM3409739_P229T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P229T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409739
99 GSM3409740_P255T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P255T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409740
100 GSM3409741_P276T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P276T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409741
101 GSM3409742_P352T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P352T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409742
102 GSM3409743_P511T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P511T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409743
103 GSM3409744_P513T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P513T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409744
104 GSM3409745_P533T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P533T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409745
105 GSM3409746_P534T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P534T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409746
106 GSM3409747_P811T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P811T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409747
107 GSM3409748_P466T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P466T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409748
108 GSM3409749_P475T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P475T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409749
109 GSM3409750_P507T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P507T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409750
110 GSM3409751_P509T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P509T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409751
111 GSM3409752_P527T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P527T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409752
112 GSM3409753_P618T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P618T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409753
113 GSM3409754_P710T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P710T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409754
114 GSM3409755_P730T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P730T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409755
115 GSM3409756_P342T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P342T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409756
116 GSM3409757_P416T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P416T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409757
117 GSM3409758_P427T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P427T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409758
118 GSM3409759_P449T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P449T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409759
119 GSM3409760_P462T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P462T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409760
120 GSM3409761_P500T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P500T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409761
121 GSM3409762_P552T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P552T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409762
122 GSM3409763_P261T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P261T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409763
123 GSM3409764_P348T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P348T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409764
124 GSM3409765_P426T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P426T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409765
125 GSM3409766_P431T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P431T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409766
126 GSM3409767_P433T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P433T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409767
127 GSM3409768_P444T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P444T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409768
128 GSM3409769_P456T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P456T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409769
129 GSM3409770_P457T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P457T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409770
130 GSM3409771_P301T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P301T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409771
131 GSM3409772_P324T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P324T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409772
132 GSM3409773_P328T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P328T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409773
133 GSM3409774_P343T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P343T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409774
134 GSM3409775_P823T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P823T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409775
135 GSM3409776_P305T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P305T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409776
136 GSM3409777_P297T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P297T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409777
137 GSM3409778_P300T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P300T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409778
138 GSM3409779_P266T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P266T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409779
139 GSM3409780_P450T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P450T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409780
140 GSM3409781_P506T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P506T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409781
141 GSM3409782_P310T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P310T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409782
142 GSM3409783_P309T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P309T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409783
143 GSM3409784_P268T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P268T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409784
144 GSM3409785_P536T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P536T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409785
145 GSM3409786_P643T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P643T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409786
146 GSM3409787_P717T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P717T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409787
147 GSM3409788_P737T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P737T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409788
148 GSM3409789_P747T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P747T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409789
149 GSM3409790_P779T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P779T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409790
150 GSM3409791_P832T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P832T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409791
151 GSM3409792_P452T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P452T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409792
152 GSM3409793_P464T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P464T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409793
153 GSM3409794_P531T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P531T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409794
154 GSM3409795_P559T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P559T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409795
155 GSM3409796_P560T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P560T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409796
156 GSM3409797_P593T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P593T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409797
157 GSM3409798_P603T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P603T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409798
158 GSM3409799_P555T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P555T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409799
159 GSM3409800_P611T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P611T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409800
160 GSM3409801_P660T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P660T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409801
161 GSM3409802_P265T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P265T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409802
162 GSM3409803_P294T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P294T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409803
163 GSM3409804_P355T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P355T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409804
164 GSM3409805_P540T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P540T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409805
165 GSM3409806_P544T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P544T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409806
166 GSM3409807_P674T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P674T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409807
167 GSM3409808_P680T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P680T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409808
168 GSM3409809_P695T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P695T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409809
169 GSM3409810_P298T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P298T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409810
170 GSM3409811_P263T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P263T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409811
171 GSM3409812_P254T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P254T|H3K27ac|Exclude H3K27ac GSM3409812
172 GSM3409813_P295T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P295T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409813
173 GSM3409814_P272T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P272T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409814
174 GSM3409815_P279T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P279T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409815
175 GSM3409816_P249T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P249T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409816
176 GSM3409817_P291T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P291T|H3K27ac|Exclude H3K27ac GSM3409817
177 GSM3409818_P280T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P280T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409818
178 GSM3409819_P274T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P274T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409819
179 GSM3409820_P230T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P230T|H3K27ac|Case H3K27ac GSM3409820
180 GSM3409821_P336T_H3K27ac.sga PC primary tumor P336T|H3K27ac|Control H3K27ac GSM3409821
181 GSM3409822_P223T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P223T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409822
182 GSM3409823_P227T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P227T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409823
183 GSM3409824_P229T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P229T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409824
184 GSM3409825_P230T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P230T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409825
185 GSM3409826_P249T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P249T|H3K4me3|Control H3K4me3 GSM3409826
186 GSM3409827_P254T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P254T|H3K4me3|Exclude H3K4me3 GSM3409827
187 GSM3409828_P261T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P261T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409828
188 GSM3409829_P263T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P263T|H3K4me3|Control H3K4me3 GSM3409829
189 GSM3409830_P265T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P265T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409830
190 GSM3409831_P268T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P268T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409831
191 GSM3409832_P272T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P272T|H3K4me3|Control H3K4me3 GSM3409832
192 GSM3409833_P274T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P274T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409833
193 GSM3409834_P276T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P276T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409834
194 GSM3409835_P279T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P279T|H3K4me3|Control H3K4me3 GSM3409835
195 GSM3409836_P280T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P280T|H3K4me3|Control H3K4me3 GSM3409836
196 GSM3409837_P291T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P291T|H3K4me3|Exclude H3K4me3 GSM3409837
197 GSM3409838_P294T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P294T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409838
198 GSM3409839_P295T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P295T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409839
199 GSM3409840_P298T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P298T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409840
200 GSM3409841_P300T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P300T|H3K4me3|Control H3K4me3 GSM3409841
201 GSM3409842_P301T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P301T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409842
202 GSM3409843_P309T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P309T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409843
203 GSM3409844_P310T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P310T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409844
204 GSM3409845_P328T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P328T|H3K4me3|Control H3K4me3 GSM3409845
205 GSM3409846_P336T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P336T|H3K4me3|Control H3K4me3 GSM3409846
206 GSM3409847_P355T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P355T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409847
207 GSM3409848_P431T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P431T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409848
208 GSM3409849_P433T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P433T|H3K4me3|Control H3K4me3 GSM3409849
209 GSM3409850_P449T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P449T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409850
210 GSM3409851_P456T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P456T|H3K4me3|Control H3K4me3 GSM3409851
211 GSM3409852_P462T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P462T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409852
212 GSM3409853_P500T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P500T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409853
213 GSM3409854_P506T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P506T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409854
214 GSM3409855_P507T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P507T|H3K4me3|Control H3K4me3 GSM3409855
215 GSM3409856_P509T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P509T|H3K4me3|Control H3K4me3 GSM3409856
216 GSM3409857_P511T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P511T|H3K4me3|Control H3K4me3 GSM3409857
217 GSM3409858_P527T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P527T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409858
218 GSM3409859_P533T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P533T|H3K4me3|Control H3K4me3 GSM3409859
219 GSM3409860_P534T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P534T|H3K4me3|Control H3K4me3 GSM3409860
220 GSM3409861_P536T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P536T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409861
221 GSM3409862_P540T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P540T|H3K4me3|Control H3K4me3 GSM3409862
222 GSM3409863_P541T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P541T|H3K4me3|Control H3K4me3 GSM3409863
223 GSM3409864_P544T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P544T|H3K4me3|Control H3K4me3 GSM3409864
224 GSM3409865_P555T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P555T|H3K4me3|Control H3K4me3 GSM3409865
225 GSM3409866_P643T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P643T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409866
226 GSM3409867_P660T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P660T|H3K4me3|Control H3K4me3 GSM3409867
227 GSM3409868_P680T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P680T|H3K4me3|Control H3K4me3 GSM3409868
228 GSM3409869_P695T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P695T|H3K4me3|Control H3K4me3 GSM3409869
229 GSM3409870_P710T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P710T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409870
230 GSM3409871_P717T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P717T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409871
231 GSM3409872_P730T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P730T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409872
232 GSM3409873_P737T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P737T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409873
233 GSM3409874_P747T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P747T|H3K4me3|Control H3K4me3 GSM3409874
234 GSM3409875_P779T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P779T|H3K4me3|Control H3K4me3 GSM3409875
235 GSM3409876_P823T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P823T|H3K4me3|Case H3K4me3 GSM3409876
236 GSM3409877_P832T_H3K4me3.sga PC primary tumor P832T|H3K4me3|Control H3K4me3 GSM3409877
237 GSM3409878_P327T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P327T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409878
238 GSM3409879_P223T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P223T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409879
239 GSM3409880_P228T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P228T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409880
240 GSM3409881_P245T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P245T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409881
241 GSM3409882_P229T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P229T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409882
242 GSM3409883_P276T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P276T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409883
243 GSM3409884_P352T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P352T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409884
244 GSM3409885_P511T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P511T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409885
245 GSM3409886_P513T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P513T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409886
246 GSM3409887_P533T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P533T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409887
247 GSM3409888_P534T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P534T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409888
248 GSM3409889_P811T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P811T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409889
249 GSM3409890_P466T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P466T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409890
250 GSM3409891_P475T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P475T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409891
251 GSM3409892_P507T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P507T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409892
252 GSM3409893_P509T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P509T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409893
253 GSM3409894_P527T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P527T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409894
254 GSM3409895_P618T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P618T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409895
255 GSM3409896_P710T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P710T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409896
256 GSM3409897_P730T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P730T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409897
257 GSM3409898_P342T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P342T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409898
258 GSM3409899_P427T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P427T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409899
259 GSM3409900_P449T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P449T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409900
260 GSM3409901_P500T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P500T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409901
261 GSM3409902_P552T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P552T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409902
262 GSM3409903_P261T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P261T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409903
263 GSM3409904_P431T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P431T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409904
264 GSM3409905_P444T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P444T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409905
265 GSM3409906_P456T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P456T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409906
266 GSM3409907_P457T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P457T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409907
267 GSM3409908_P301T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P301T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409908
268 GSM3409909_P324T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P324T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409909
269 GSM3409910_P328T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P328T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409910
270 GSM3409911_P343T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P343T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409911
271 GSM3409912_P349T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P349T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409912
272 GSM3409913_P823T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P823T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409913
273 GSM3409914_P305T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P305T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409914
274 GSM3409915_P300T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P300T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409915
275 GSM3409916_P450T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P450T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409916
276 GSM3409917_P506T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P506T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409917
277 GSM3409918_P310T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P310T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409918
278 GSM3409919_P309T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P309T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409919
279 GSM3409920_P268T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P268T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409920
280 GSM3409921_P536T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P536T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409921
281 GSM3409922_P643T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P643T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409922
282 GSM3409923_P717T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P717T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409923
283 GSM3409924_P737T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P737T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409924
284 GSM3409925_P747T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P747T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409925
285 GSM3409926_P779T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P779T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409926
286 GSM3409927_P832T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P832T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409927
287 GSM3409928_P452T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P452T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409928
288 GSM3409929_P464T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P464T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409929
289 GSM3409930_P531T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P531T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409930
290 GSM3409931_P559T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P559T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409931
291 GSM3409932_P560T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P560T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409932
292 GSM3409933_P593T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P593T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409933
293 GSM3409934_P603T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P603T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409934
294 GSM3409935_P555T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P555T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409935
295 GSM3409936_P660T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P660T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409936
296 GSM3409937_P265T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P265T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409937
297 GSM3409938_P294T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P294T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409938
298 GSM3409939_P355T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P355T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409939
299 GSM3409940_P544T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P544T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409940
300 GSM3409941_P680T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P680T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409941
301 GSM3409942_P695T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P695T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409942
302 GSM3409944_P230T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P230T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409944
303 GSM3409945_P249T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P249T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409945
304 GSM3409947_P254T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P254T|H3K27me3|Exclude H3K27me3 GSM3409947
305 GSM3409950_P263T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P263T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409950
306 GSM3409952_P272T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P272T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409952
307 GSM3409954_P274T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P274T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409954
308 GSM3409955_P279T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P279T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409955
309 GSM3409956_P280T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P280T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409956
310 GSM3409957_P291T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P291T|H3K27me3|Exclude H3K27me3 GSM3409957
311 GSM3409958_P295T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P295T|H3K27me3|Case H3K27me3 GSM3409958
312 GSM3409959_P336T_H3K27me3.sga PC primary tumor P336T|H3K27me3|Control H3K27me3 GSM3409959

Notes on samples nomenclature:

Abbreviations: PC = prostate cancer. The case/control status of patients is given in the third field of the sample description (usually used for specifying the condition or treatment of the sample). "Exclude" means that no follow-up data were abaible for this particular patient (see above).

Merged samples:


Technical Notes

FASTQ files were extracted from SRA files using fastq-dump (SRA toolkit v2.5.0) and mapped to the genome using Bowtie2 v2.3.4.2. SAM files were then converted to BAM using samtools v1.9 and to BED using bamToBed v2.27.0 (bedtools). BED to SGA conversion was carried out using bed2sga (ChIP-Seq v. 1.5.3).