HGNC, TSS collection for non-coding RNAs.


The list of non-coding RNA genes (antisense or long intergenic) was downloaded from HGNC and the transcription start sites from Ensembl Genes 95. When the TSS coordinates could not be obtained in this way, the RefSeq accession was used.



From H. sapiens (Dec 2013 GRCh38/hg38).

Genome Annotation:

Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 HGNC_TSS.sga TSS from HGNC TSS -

Technical Notes

Data was downloaded from HGNC BioMart selecting the following attributes:
  1. HGNC ID
  2. Approved symbol
  3. Approved name
  4. Locus group
  5. Locus type
  6. Ensembl gene ID
  7. RefSeq accession


Last update: 23 Apr 2019