Ensembl97, TSS collection for non-coding RNAs.


The list of non-coding RNA genes and their transcription start site was downloaded from Ensembl Genes 97.



From M. musculus (March 2012 GRCm38/mm10).

Genome Annotation:

Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 ensembl97_TSS.sga TSS from Ensembl TSS -

Technical Notes

Data was downloaded from BioMart selecting the following attributes:
  1. Gene stable ID
  2. Transcript stable ID
  3. Chromosome/scaffold name
  4. Strand
  5. Gene start
  6. Gene end
  7. Transcript start
  8. Transcript end
  9. Gene name
  10. Gene description
  11. RefSeq mRNA ID
  12. UCSC stable ID
  13. Gene type
  14. Transcript type


Last update: 28 Aug 2019