Li 2012, p53 binding sites in ES cells.


Total six samples: two inputs (untreated and treated with adriamycin) and four ChIP samples (p53 untreated, p53 adriamycin 8h, p53S18P untreated, p53S18P adriamycin 8h).
p53: pan-p53 antibody that recognizes total p53.
p53S18P: antibody that recognize p53 serine 18 phosphorylation, a posttranslational modification of p53 generally thought to be involved in the activation of p53 after DNA damage.
adriamycin: a DNA damage agent widely used to activate p53.


Files downloaded from GEO series: GSE26361
Input file format: BED


From M. musculus (July 2007 NCBI37/mm9).

Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 GSM647224_JH09_p53_R1E_Ctr_unique.sga ES cells - p53 - untreated p53 GSM647224
2 GSM647225_JH08_p53_R1EAdr_unique_lines_good.sga ES cells - p53 - adriamycin 8h p53 GSM647225
3 GSM647226_JH10_p53S18_R1E_Ctr_unique.sga ES cells - p53S18 - untreated p53S18 GSM647226
4 GSM647227_JH11_p53S18_R1E_Adr_unique.sga ES cells - p53S18 - adriamycin 8h p53S18 GSM647227
5 GSM647222_JH03_input_R1E_ctr_unique_good.sga ES cells - input - untreated input GSM647222
6 GSM647223_JH06_input_R1E_Adr_unique_good.sga ES cells - input - adriamycin 8h input GSM647223

Technical Notes

BED files were converted to SGA format using ChIP-Seq.


  1. Li M, He Y, Dubois W, Wu X, Shi J, Huang J.
    Distinct regulatory mechanisms and functions for p53-activated and p53-repressed DNA damage response genes in embryonic stem cells. Mol Cell. 2012 Apr 13;46(1):30-42. PMID: 22387025

  2. GEO series GSE26361 Genome-wide analysis revealed a crosstalk between p53 and the pluripotent gene networks in mouse embryonic stem cells (ChIP-Seq)
Last update: 2 Oct 2018