Pjanic 2011, Nuclear Factor I binding site in WT and NFI-C KO MEFs.


Genome-wide map of Nuclear Factor I (NFI) binding sites in WT and NFI-C knock-out (NFI-C KO) mouse embryonic fibroblasts.



From M. musculus (July 2007 NCBI37/mm9).

ChIP-seq data:

Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 nf1_wt.sga MEF|NFI|WT NF-1 GSM398010
2 nf1_wt_rmsk.sga MEF|NFI|WT|rmsk NF-1 GSM398010
3 nf1_ko.sga MEF|NFI|NFI-C KO NFIC_KO GSM398011
4 nf1_ko_rmsk.sga MEF|NFI|NFI-C KO|rpmk NFIC_KO GSM398011
5 nf1_in.sga MEF|Input|WT INPUT GSM398012
6 nf1_in_rmsk.sga MEF|Input|WT|rmsk INPUT GSM398012

ChIP-seq peaks files:

Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 nf1_wt_peaks5_rmsk.sga MEF|NFI|WT|5 NF-1_p GSM398010
2 nf1_wt_peaks6_rmsk.sga MEF|NFI|WT|6 NF-1_p GSM398010
3 nf1_wt_peaks7_rmsk.sga MEF|NFI|WT|7 NF-1_p GSM398010
4 nf1_wt_peaks8_rmsk.sga MEF|NFI|WT|8 NF-1_p GSM398010

Notes on samples nomenclature:

Technical Notes


Last update: 1 Oct 2018