Adjalley 2016, 5p-CAP sequencing at six time points during the IDC of Plasmodium falciparum.


Transcript 5' ends at different stages of the 48-hour intra-erythrocytic developmental cycle (IDC) in P. falciparum were systematically characterized using 5' cap sequencing, a modified version of the CAGE approach.



From P. falciparum (Apr 2016 ASM276v2/pfa2).

Transcription Profiling data:

Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 GSE68982_allSamples.sga IDC|5-cap|all samples 5CAP GSE68982_allSamples
2 GSM1689659.sga IDC|5-cap|2h|rep1 5CAP GSM1689659
3 GSM1689660.sga IDC|5-cap|10h|rep1 5CAP GSM1689660
4 GSM1689661.sga IDC|5-cap|18h|rep1 5CAP GSM1689661
5 GSM1689662.sga IDC|5-cap|26h|rep1 5CAP GSM1689662
6 GSM1689663.sga IDC|5-cap|34h|rep1 5CAP GSM1689663
7 GSM1689664.sga IDC|5-cap|42h|rep1 5CAP GSM1689664
8 GSM1689665.sga IDC|5-cap|2h|rep2 5CAP GSM1689665
9 GSM1689666.sga IDC|5-cap|10h|rep2 5CAP GSM1689666
10 GSM1689667.sga IDC|5-cap|18h|rep2 5CAP GSM1689667
11 GSM1689668.sga IDC|5-cap|26h|rep2 5CAP GSM1689668
12 GSM1689669.sga IDC|5-cap|34h|rep2 5CAP GSM1689669
13 GSM1689670.sga IDC|5-cap|42h|rep2 5CAP GSM1689670

Technical Notes

BEDGRAPH files were first converted to BED by merging both strands, and subsequently converted to SGA format using bed2sga (ChIP-Seq v. 1.5.4).


Last update: 3 Oct 2018