Kasinathan 2014, High-resolution mapping of Abf1 and Reb1 on native chromatin.


Description of a new profiling technique, ORGANIC (Occupied Regions of Genomes from Affinity-purified Naturally Isolated Chromatin), with two TFs examples (Abf1 and Reb1). Reb1 ORGANIC profiling was performed at three different salt (NaCl) concentrations (80, 150, and 600 mM) and Abf1 ORGANIC profiling was done at two different salt concentrations (80 and 600 mM) to achieve varying levels of stringency. Two additional Sono-seq samples (chromatin sonication followed by sequencing) are also present.



From S. cerevisiae (Apr 2011 R64/sacCer3).

ChIP-seq data:

Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 GSM1111706.sga W1588-4C|Reb1|80mM Reb1 GSM1111706
2 GSM1111707.sga W1588-4C|Reb1|80mM|ctrl Reb1 GSM1111707
3 GSM1111708.sga W1588-4C|Reb1|150mM Reb1 GSM1111708
4 GSM1111709.sga W1588-4C|Reb1|150mM|ctrl Reb1 GSM1111709
5 GSM1111710.sga W1588-4C|Reb1|600mM|Rep 1 Reb1 GSM1111710
6 GSM1111711.sga W1588-4C|Reb1|600mM|Rep 1 ctrl Reb1 GSM1111711
7 GSM1111712.sga W1588-4C|Reb1|600mM|Rep 2 Reb1 GSM1111712
8 GSM1111713.sga W1588-4C|Reb1|600mM|Rep 2 ctrl Reb1 GSM1111713
9 GSM1111714.sga W1588-4C|Abf1|80mM Abf1 GSM1111714
10 GSM1111715.sga W1588-4C|Abf1|80mM|ctrl Abf1 GSM1111715
11 GSM1111716.sga W1588-4C|Abf1|600mM|Rep 1 Abf1 GSM1111716
12 GSM1111717.sga W1588-4C|Abf1|600mM|Rep 1 ctrl Abf1 GSM1111717
13 GSM1111718.sga W1588-4C|Abf1|600mM|Rep 2 Abf1 GSM1111718
14 GSM1111719.sga W1588-4C|Abf1|600mM|Rep 2 ctrl Abf1 GSM1111719
15 GSM1111726.sga W1588-4C S2|Reb1|150mM|Rep 1 Reb1 GSM1111726
16 GSM1111727.sga W1588-4C S2|Reb1|150mM|Rep 1 ctrl Reb1 GSM1111727
17 GSM1111728.sga W1588-4C S2|Reb1|150mM|Rep 2 Reb1 GSM1111728
18 GSM1111729.sga W1588-4C S2|Reb1|150mM|Rep 2 ctrl Reb1 GSM1111729


Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 GSM1111720.sga W1588-4C|sonoication||Rep 1 nucl GSM1111720
2 GSM1111721.sga W1588-4C|sonoication||Rep 2 nucl GSM1111721

Technical Notes

BED to SGA conversion was carried out using bed2sga.pl (ChIP-Seq v. 1.5.3).


Last update: 1 Oct 2018