Lefrancois 2009, Efficient Yeast ChIP-Seq using Multiplex Short-Read DNA Sequencing..


Examination of the distribution of PolII (4 biological replicates), Cse4 (3 biological replicates) and Ste12 (3 biological replicates) using barcoded adapters and non-barcoded genomic DNA Illumina adapters. Input DNA was used as a reference sample and for scoring as well.



From S. cerevisiae (Apr 2011 R64/sacCer3).

ChIP-seq data:

Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 GSM336333-PolII.sga PolII PolII GSM336333
2 GSM336334-Ste12.sga Ste12 Ste12 GSM336334
3 GSM336335-Cse4.sga Cse4 Cse4 GSM336335
4 GSM336336-Input.sga Input rep1 Input GSM336336
5 GSM336337-Input.sga Input rep2 Input GSM336337
6 GSM336338-Input.sga Input rep3 Input GSM336338
7 GSM336333-PolII-rep1.sga PolII rep1 PolII GSM336333
8 GSM336333-PolII-rep2.sga PolII rep2 PolII GSM336333
9 GSM336333-PolII-rep3.sga PolII rep3 PolII GSM336333
10 GSM336333-PolII-rep4.sga PolII rep4 PolII GSM336333
11 GSM336334-Ste12-rep1.sga Ste12 rep1 Ste12 GSM336334
12 GSM336334-Ste12-rep2.sga Ste12 rep2 Ste12 GSM336334
13 GSM336334-Ste12-rep3.sga Ste12 rep3 Ste12 GSM336334
14 GSM336335-Cse4-rep1.sga Cse4 rep1 Cse4 GSM336335
15 GSM336335-Cse4-rep2.sga Cse4 rep2 Cse4 GSM336335
16 GSM336335-Cse4-rep3.sga Cse4 rep3 Cse4 GSM336335
17 GSM336336-Input-ACGT.sga Input ACGT rep1 Input GSM336336
18 GSM336337-Input-ACGT.sga Input ACGT rep2 Input GSM336337
19 GSM336338-Input-ACGT.sga Input ACGT rep3 Input GSM336338
20 GSM336337-Input-CATT.sga Input CATT rep1 Input GSM336337
21 GSM336338-Input-CATT.sga Input CATT rep2 Input GSM336338
22 GSM336337-Input-GTAT.sga Input GTAT Input GSM336337
23 GSM336337-Input-TGCT.sga Input TGCT Input GSM336337
24 GSM336337-Input-NB.sga Input NB rep1 Input GSM336337
25 GSM336338-Input-NB.sga Input NB rep2 Input GSM336338

Technical Notes

The original eland results have been converted to sga using in house software and have been merged sample by sample.


Last update: 1 Oct 2018