Below is a list of Ultraconserved Genomic Regulatory Blocks (UGRBs) that reside on the chromosome chr1 in the Human genome (hg19 assembly).

Cluster nameCluster IDPosition#UCNEsAssociated genes UCNEs forming the cluster
CASZ1_cluster 2 chr1:10573940-10965869 19C1orf127; CASZ1; PEX14; show
POU3F1_cluster 11 chr1:38561073-39152174 3LOC339442; MIR3659; POU3F1; RRAGC; show
RNF220_cluster 23 chr1:44715674-45035244 7ERI3; RNF220; show
FAF1_cluster 25 chr1:51006198-51169864 6FAF1; show
NFIA_cluster 27 chr1:60700474-62104266 19C1orf87; NFIA; TM2D1; show
FOXD3_cluster 28 chr1:63342300-63915007 25ALG6; ATG4C; FOXD3; ITGB3BP; LINC00466; show
SRSF11_cluster 32 chr1:70694841-70697784 3SRSF11; show
AK5_cluster 36 chr1:78030165-78414317 5AK5; FAM73A; FUBP1; NEXN; USP33; ZZZ3; show
ELTD1_cluster 39 chr1:81696783-82457521 7ELTD1; LPHN2; show
LPHN2_cluster 41 chr1:83878679-84236026 3LPHN2; TTLL7; show
LMO4_cluster 42 chr1:87615911-88928077 40LMO4; LOC100505768; LOC339524; PKN2; show
BARHL2_cluster 43 chr1:90552790-91411295 26BARHL2; ZNF326; ZNF644; show
PTBP2_cluster 44 chr1:95777325-98303133 21DPYD; FLJ31662; PTBP2; RWDD3; show
PBX1_cluster 48 chr1:164023565-164681742 7NUF2; PBX1; show
LHX9_cluster 52 chr1:197565969-198361006 12ATP6V1G3; C1orf53; DENND1B; LHX9; NEK7; show
KIF14_cluster 53 chr1:199747846-200432975 9C1orf98; FAM58BP; KIF14; LOC100131234; NR5A2; ZNF281; show
MIR205HG_cluster 15 chr1:208506239-209276214 3MIR205HG; PLXNA2; show
PROX1_cluster 16 chr1:213332779-214359926 31LINC00538; PROX1; PROX1-AS1; RPS6KC1; SMYD2; show
ESRRG_cluster 17 chr1:215824535-218523321 72ESRRG; GPATCH2; LOC728463; RRP15; SPATA17; TGFB2; USH2A; show
ZNF238_cluster 21 chr1:243556159-244229726 18AKT3; C1orf100; LOC339529; SDCCAG8; ZNF238; show