Below is a list of Ultraconserved Genomic Regulatory Blocks (UGRBs) that reside on the chromosome chr13 in the Human genome (hg19 assembly).

Cluster nameCluster IDPosition#UCNEsAssociated genes UCNEs forming the cluster
GSX1_cluster 139 chr13:28079232-28868654 8ATP5EP2; CDX2; FLT3; GSX1; LNX2; MTIF3; PAN3; PAN3-AS1; PDX1; POLR1D; PRHOXNB; show
MAB21L1_cluster 141 chr13:35772853-36246874 12MAB21L1; MIR548F5; NBEA; show
DACH1_cluster 147 chr13:71241445-73251933 73ATXN8OS; DACH1; MZT1; show
POU4F1_cluster 150 chr13:78814060-79843756 25EDNRB; POU4F1; RBM26; RNF219; show
SOX21_cluster 151 chr13:95314312-95674886 9ABCC4; GPR180; SOX21; show
ZIC2_cluster 153 chr13:100340118-101175755 12CLYBL; PCCA; ZIC2; ZIC5; show
SLC10A2_cluster 154 chr13:105827606-106016290 3DAOA-AS1; SLC10A2; show
SOX1_cluster 157 chr13:111552824-112063548 3ANKRD10; ARHGEF7; SOX1; TEX29; show
SOX1_cluster 158 chr13:112631109-112793888 4SOX1; SPACA7; TEX29; show