Below is a list of Ultraconserved Genomic Regulatory Blocks (UGRBs) that reside on the chromosome chr2 in the Human genome (hg19 assembly).

Cluster nameCluster IDPosition#UCNEsAssociated genes UCNEs forming the cluster
MYT1L_cluster 268 chr2:1792897-2335481 4LOC730811; MYT1L; TSSC1; show
RNF144A_cluster 271 chr2:7548131-8282245 7LINC00299; LOC100506274; LOC339788; RNF144A; show
KCNS3_cluster 273 chr2:18661271-19167676 3KCNS3; MIR4757; NT5C1B; NT5C1B-RDH14; RDH14; show
LRPPRC_cluster 278 chr2:44124147-44175908 9LRPPRC; show
SIX2_cluster 279 chr2:44677259-45684083 22CAMKMT; MIR548AD; SIX2; SIX3; SRBD1; UNQ6975; show
NRXN1_cluster 282 chr2:50148180-50848624 3NRXN1; show
BCL11A_cluster 285 chr2:57968022-60795444 92BCL11A; CCDC85A; FANCL; FLJ30838; MIR4432; PAPOLG; VRK2; show
XPO1_cluster 286 chr2:61414655-61752781 3AHSA2; SNORA70B; USP34; XPO1; show
OTX1_cluster 287 chr2:63014713-63662144 16DBIL5P2; EHBP1; LOC100132215; OTX1; WDPCP; show
MEIS1_cluster 289 chr2:65941809-68408085 45C1D; ETAA1; LOC644838; MEIS1; MIR4778; PNO1; PPP3R1; SPRED2; WDR92; show
AFF3_cluster 265 chr2:100017397-100516050 4AFF3; REV1; show
POU3F3_cluster 266 chr2:103538824-105698050 44LOC100287010; LOC100506421; LOC150568; LOC284998; MRPS9; POU3F3; TMEM182; show
EN1_cluster 290 chr2:118809565-119305053 5CCDC93; EN1; INSIG2; show
ZEB2_cluster 296 chr2:143914500-147708836 134ACVR2A; ARHGAP15; DKFZp686O1327; GTDC1; PABPC1P2; ZEB2; ZEB2-AS1; show
MBD5_cluster 297 chr2:149241429-149545148 4EPC2; KIF5C; MBD5; show
NR4A2_cluster 298 chr2:156376173-158006104 37GALNT5; GPD2; KCNJ3; NR4A2; show
BAZ2B_cluster 299 chr2:160176031-160253669 4BAZ2B; show
TANK_cluster 301 chr2:162095052-162239053 6PSMD14; TANK; show
FIGN_cluster 303 chr2:164103814-165307082 44FIGN; GRB14; KCNH7; show
SP5_cluster 304 chr2:171360904-171571838 5LOC440925; MYO3B; SP5; show
DLX1_cluster 305 chr2:172580137-172958889 8DLX1; DLX2; DYNC1I2; HAT1; METAP1D; SLC25A12; show
SP3_cluster 306 chr2:174062737-175216673 28CDCA7; MLK7-AS1; OLA1; SP3; ZAK; show
HOXD_cluster 307 chr2:175967909-178084536 30ATF2; ATP5G3; EVX2; HNRNPA3; HOXD-AS1; HOXD-AS2; HOXD1; HOXD10; HOXD11; HOXD12; HOXD13; HOXD3; HOXD4; HOXD8; HOXD9; KIAA1715; LOC375295; MIR10B; MIR1246; MIR4444-1; MIR933; MTX2; show
UBE2E3_cluster 308 chr2:181927661-182243241 4ITGA4; MIR4437; UBE2E3; show
SATB2_cluster 310 chr2:199202365-200312766 12PLCL1; SATB2; show
ERBB4_cluster 315 chr2:212906479-213141814 3ERBB4; show
GBX2_cluster 318 chr2:236716348-237071756 17AGAP1; GBX2; show