Below is a list of Ultraconserved Genomic Regulatory Blocks (UGRBs) that reside on the chromosome chr4 in the Human genome (hg19 assembly).

Cluster nameCluster IDPosition#UCNEsAssociated genes UCNEs forming the cluster
CPEB2_cluster 379 chr4:14576133-15071596 4CPEB2; LOC152742; LOC441009; show
SLIT2_cluster 382 chr4:20273600-20319869 3SLIT2; show
DHX15_cluster 384 chr4:23819852-24539032 8DHX15; MIR573; PPARGC1A; show
PHOX2B_cluster 386 chr4:41750062-42427659 7ATP8A1; BEND4; DCAF4L1; PHOX2B; SHISA3; SLC30A9; TMEM33; show
GSX2_cluster 387 chr4:54867914-54962586 4CHIC2; GSX2; RPL21P44; show
PRDM8_cluster 390 chr4:79908658-80827315 16ANTXR2; GDEP; GK2; LOC100505875; LOC100506035; NAA11; PRDM8; show
HNRNPD_cluster 391 chr4:83275833-83346943 3HNRNPD; HNRPDL; show
NKX6-1_cluster 392 chr4:84597991-85364995 19AGPAT9; NKX6-1; show
PITX2_cluster 401 chr4:111538763-113444689 22ALPK1; AP1AR; C4orf21; C4orf32; NEUROG2; PITX2; TIFA; show
HHIP_cluster 405 chr4:145277494-145964739 4ANAPC10; GYPA; HHIP; LOC646576; show
POU4F2_cluster 406 chr4:147184812-147966041 18EDNRA; POU4F2; SLC10A7; TTC29; show
MAB21L2_cluster 409 chr4:151236329-151858689 17LRBA; MAB21L2; show
FBXO8_cluster 413 chr4:174573156-175120223 6FBXO8; NBLA00301; show
ODZ3_cluster 416 chr4:182042848-183722301 16LINC00290; MGC45800; MIR1305; ODZ3; show