Below is a list of Ultraconserved Genomic Regulatory Blocks (UGRBs) that reside on the chromosome chr5 in the Human genome (hg19 assembly).

Cluster nameCluster IDPosition#UCNEsAssociated genes UCNEs forming the cluster
IRXA_cluster 436 chr5:2112526-4805550 31C5orf38; IRX1; IRX2; IRX4; LOC285577; LOC340094; show
NIPBL_cluster 442 chr5:36878861-37065709 4NIPBL; show
ISL1_cluster 444 chr5:50335544-51762221 13ISL1; LOC642366; PARP8; PELO; show
ARL15_cluster 445 chr5:52782726-53511404 4ARL15; FST; MIR581; NDUFS4; show
ZSWIM6_cluster 447 chr5:60792572-61034164 5C5orf64; KIF2A; ZSWIM6; show
TNPO1_cluster 451 chr5:72204530-72634467 5FCHO2; FOXD1; TMEM171; TMEM174; TNPO1; show
OTP_cluster 452 chr5:76856156-77514616 35AP3B1; OTP; TBCA; WDR41; show
MEF2C_cluster 453 chr5:87835861-88672843 7LINC00461; LOC100505894; MEF2C; MIR3660; MIR9-2; show
NR2F1_cluster 455 chr5:90903471-94229447 67ANKRD32; FAM172A; FLJ42709; KIAA0825; LOC100129716; MCTP1; MIR2277; NR2F1; POU5F2; show
FLJ42709_cluster 439 chr5:91378108-91444051 4FLJ42709; LOC100129716; show
PPIC_cluster 458 chr5:122254687-122507516 6PPIC; PRDM6; SNX24; show
ZNF608_cluster 459 chr5:123781826-124748526 10CSNK1G3; GRAMD3; ZNF608; show
SAR1B_cluster 421 chr5:133726210-134600344 4C5orf24; CAMLG; CATSPER3; CDKN2AIPNL; DDX46; H2AFY; LOC340073; MIR4461; PCBD2; PHF15; PITX1; SAR1B; SEC24A; TXNDC15; UBE2B; show
EBF1_cluster 427 chr5:157198694-158509587 27CLINT1; EBF1; LSM11; show
ODZ2_cluster 430 chr5:166842821-167538162 3ODZ2; show
TLX3_cluster 431 chr5:170417949-170750116 12MIR3912; RANBP17; TLX3; show
CPEB4_cluster 432 chr5:173385122-173387317 3C5orf47; CPEB4; show