Below is a list of Ultraconserved Genomic Regulatory Blocks (UGRBs) that reside on the chromosome chr7 in the Human genome (hg19 assembly).

Cluster nameCluster IDPosition#UCNEsAssociated genes UCNEs forming the cluster
MICALL2_cluster 514 chr7:1265904-1337735 8MICALL2; UNCX; ZFAND2A; show
ETV1_cluster 522 chr7:13451125-14429431 11ARL4A; DGKB; ETV1; show
HDAC9_cluster 524 chr7:18683244-19453463 5FERD3L; HDAC9; TWIST1; TWISTNB; show
SP8_cluster 525 chr7:20829680-22092167 20CDCA7L; DNAH11; RAPGEF5; RPL23P8; SP4; SP8; show
HOXA_cluster 528 chr7:26231439-27646322 24C7orf71; CBX3; EVX1; HIBADH; HNRNPA2B1; HOTAIRM1; HOTTIP; HOXA-AS3; HOXA-AS5; HOXA1; HOXA10; HOXA10-HOXA9; HOXA11; HOXA13; HOXA2; HOXA3; HOXA4; HOXA5; HOXA6; HOXA7; HOXA9; KIAA0087; LOC441204; MIR196B; SKAP2; SNX10; show
NEUROD6_cluster 529 chr7:31274477-31642150 6ADCYAP1R1; CCDC129; NEUROD6; show
POU6F2_cluster 530 chr7:38903066-39538148 17POU6F2; VPS41; YAE1D1; show
GLI3_cluster 531 chr7:42102330-42273255 6GLI3; show
IKZF1_cluster 532 chr7:50219762-50450147 3C7orf72; IKZF1; show
AUTS2_cluster 516 chr7:69111243-70170090 34AUTS2; show
CDK14_cluster 534 chr7:90743699-90831363 4CDK14; show
DLX6_cluster 536 chr7:96221157-96641644 3DLX6; DLX6-AS1; FLJ42280; LOC100506136; SHFM1; show
CUX1_cluster 518 chr7:101537010-101858925 4CUX1; show
FOXP2_cluster 506 chr7:113770949-115775846 83FOXP2; MDFIC; MIR3666; TES; TFEC; show
CADPS2_cluster 507 chr7:121968776-122161388 4CADPS2; show
LMBR1_cluster 539 chr7:156539680-157001902 3LMBR1; LOC645249; MNX1; NOM1; UBE3C; show