Below is a list of Ultraconserved Genomic Regulatory Blocks (UGRBs) that reside on the chromosome chr9 in the Human genome (hg19 assembly).

Cluster nameCluster IDPosition#UCNEsAssociated genes UCNEs forming the cluster
DMRT2_cluster 573 chr9:927217-1320417 3DMRT1; DMRT2; DMRT3; SMARCA2; show
PTPRD_cluster 576 chr9:8095704-8526809 3C9orf123; PTPRD; show
NFIB_cluster 577 chr9:14082258-14308186 10NFIB; show
BNC2_cluster 578 chr9:15728010-17487696 43BNC2; C9orf93; CNTLN; show
PAX5_cluster 582 chr9:36978914-37340404 10LOC100506710; PAX5; ZCCHC7; show
ANXA1_cluster 584 chr9:76041203-76232833 4ANXA1; RORB; show
TLE4_cluster 586 chr9:81012576-85510486 41FAM75D1; FAM75D3; FAM75D4; FAM75D5; PSAT1; RASEF; TLE1; TLE4; show
GAS1_cluster 588 chr9:89491760-89556116 3GAS1; ZCCHC6; show
LHX2_cluster 569 chr9:126504530-127148256 9DENND1A; LHX2; LOC100129034; NEK6; PSMB7; show
PBX3_cluster 570 chr9:128159800-129253379 42FAM125B; GAPVD1; MAPKAP1; NRON; PBX3; show
BARHL1_cluster 572 chr9:135495519-135745987 4AK8; BARHL1; DDX31; GTF3C4; show