Below is a list of Ultraconserved Non-Coding Elements (UCNEs) that reside on the chromosome chr22 in the Human genome (hg19 assembly).

UCNE nameUCNE IDPositionTypeLength Overlapping geneUpstream geneDownstream geneParalogs
chr21_Gandalf 22853 chr22:27212791-27212990 intergenic 200MIATMN1
chr21_Griselda 22889 chr22:27696546-27696755 intergenic 210MIATMN1
chr21_Gwyneth 22917 chr22:29453179-29453394 UTR3 216ZNRF3
chr21_Hana 22956 chr22:36148546-36148775 intron 230RBM9
chr21_Havana 22992 chr22:38885206-38885471 intron 266DDX17
chr21_Hector 23025 chr22:40719246-40719706 UTR3 461TNRC6B