The HTPSELEX database contains sets of in vitro selected transcription factor binding site sequences obtained with SELEX and high-throughput SELEX method. The database hosts 12 individual Selex libraries for the transcription factors CTF/NF1 and LEF/TCF families totaling more than 40,000 sites. In addition, we also have manually curated SELEX datasets from the literature for 25 different transcription factors.
Access to HTPSELEX Database and documents

PMID: 16381982
HTPSELEX - a database of high-throughput SELEX libraries for transcription factor binding sites.
Jagannathan V, Roulet E, Delorenzi M, Bucher P.
Nucleic Acids Res. 2006 Jan 1;34(Database issue):D90-4.
PMID: 12101405
High-throughput SELEX SAGE method for quantitative modeling of transcription-factor binding sites.
Roulet E, Busso S, Camargo AA, Simpson AJ, Mermod N, Bucher P.
Nat Biotechnol. 2002 Aug;20(8):831-5.


We thank Victor Jongeneel for support and suggestions, Roman Chrast and Stylianos Antonarakis for help with the SAGE procedure, Khalil Kadaoui for assistance. The financial support of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, the Etat de Vaud, and the Swiss National Science Foundation (grants 31-63933.00 and 31-59370.99) are gratefully acknowledged.

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