Barski 2007, CD4+ cells, histone marks


ChIP-seq against 20 histone lysine and arginine methylations, one histone variant (H2A.Z), RNA polymerase II (Pol II) and the insulator binding protein CTCF in human CD4+ T cells. Chromatin digested with micrococcal nuclease(MNase).



From H. sapiens (March 2006 NCBI36/hg18).

ChIP-seq data:

Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 CTCF.sga CD4+ T cell|CTCF CTCF -
2 H2AZ.sga CD4+ T cell|H2AZ (MNase) H2AZ -
3 H2BK5me1.sga CD4+ T|H2BK5me1 (MNase) H2BK5me1 -
4 H3K27me1.sga CD4+ T|H3K27me1 (MNase) H3K27me1 -
5 H3K27me2.sga CD4+ T|H3K27me2 (MNase) H3K27me2 -
6 H3K27me3.sga CD4+ T|H3K27me3 (MNase) H3K27me3 -
7 H3K36me1.sga CD4+ T|H3K36me1 (MNase) H3K36me1 -
8 H3K36me3.sga CD4+ T|H3K36me3 (MNase) H3K36me3 -
9 H3K4me1.sga CD4+ T|H3K4me1 (MNase) H3K4me1 -
10 H3K4me2.sga CD4+ T|H3K4me2 (Mnase) H3K4me2 -
11 H3K4me3.sga CD4+ T|H3K4me3 (MNase) H3K4me3 -
12 H3K79me1.sga CD4+ T|H3K79me1 (MNase) H3K79me1 -
13 H3K79me2.sga CD4+ T|H3K79me2 (MNase) H3K79me2 -
14 H3K79me3.sga CD4+ T|H3K79me3 (MNase) H3K79me3 -
15 H3K9me1.sga CD4+ T|H3K9me1 (MNase) H3K9me1 -
16 H3K9me2.sga CD4+ T|H3K9me2 (MNase) H3K9me2 -
17 H3K9me3.sga CD4+ T|H3K9me3 (MNase) H3K9me3 -
18 H3R2me1.sga CD4+ T|H3R2me1 (MNase) H3R2me1 -
19 H3R2me2.sga CD4+ T|H3R2me2 (MNase) H3R2me2 -
20 H4K20me1.sga CD4+ T|H4K20me1 (MNase) H4K20me1 -
21 H4K20me3.sga CD4+ T|H4K20me3 (MNase) H4K20me3 -
22 H4R3me2.sga CD4+ T|H4R3me2 (MNase) H4R3me2 -
23 PolII.sga CD4+ T|PolII PolII -
24 all_histones.sga CD4+ T cell|all histones||merged histones -

The LiftOver samples for hg19 are available at FTP site:

All samples have been merged except CTCF and PolII to generate the all_histones sample.

Technical Notes

SGA conversion was carried out using (ChIP-seq).


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WIG files are available at:

Last update: 1 Oct 2018