TromER Database

Transcriptome Analysis Database

Description: The transcriptome analyser (TromER) project aims at providing powerful tools to determine and document all the transcribed elements of a genome. The transcribed parts are defined by analysing experimental evidence, like expressed sequence tags (EST) and other mRNA sequences. The transcriptome data include transcribed regions, splice variants, SAGE mappings, MPSS mappings, Affymetrix chips mappings, etc., for several organisms. The Tromer Web Service provides a user-friendly web interface to gene predictions, or transcriptome units of several genomes (such us human, mouse, rat, drosophila and worm).

Access to the TromER Database

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An atlas of human gene expression from massively parallel signature sequencing (MPSS).
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trome, trEST and trGEN: databases of predicted protein sequences.
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Comprehensive sampling of gene expression in human cell lines with massively parallel signature sequencing.
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